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Hello everyone. 

I will keep it brief. I was just browsing and saw this community and thought I would join. I have always enjoyed forums. I used to run a forum and still occasionally dabble in coding myBB. I run a part time graphics business where I design a range of things, mostly business logos, vehicle wraps, etc. I work full time for the government in an aspect where you get a car with red and blue lights and sometimes get to go wee-woo fast.

I am looking forward to being part of the community and am down to help in any way I can.

Welcome to TCH! Your background seems pretty interesting. It’ll be great to get to know you more. :)
Welcome to TCH. :)
Welcome to the group boonie, have fun and I'll see ya on the boards.
Welcome to the group, enjoy.
Welcome! :D
Welcome to The Coffee House, Tim! I hope you enjoy this place :) .
Welcome to TCH. Guess I'm not the only Tim anymore. :thinking: Hope you enjoy your stay. :)
S'up, welcome to TCH!
Welcome !
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