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Full Version: House of Terror Bios
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Here I will be posting all House of Terror bios for everybody's reference.

 Full Name: Megan Renee Reynolds
Nicknames: Meg, Sweetheart (By Ryan), Sis (By both of her brothers)
Parents: Celeste Dorsey and Ryan Reynolds (Birth Parents), Raymond Dorsey (Stepfather)
Siblings: Zack (Older Brother), Evan (Older Brother), James (Stepbrother/Half-Brother), Joshua (little brother), Joey (Little Brother), Shauna (Older Half-Sister)
Other Family: Dylan - 2-year-old nephew
Birthday: February 14, 2004
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue-Green
Occupation: Student, Writer (Aspiring Author), part time job as a Barista at the local Coffee Shop.
Physical Appearance/Photo: Meg is on the short side with long wavy hair and blue-green eyes. She is slender but loves to dress sporty. She normally dresses in light blue denim jeans and some sort of sporty style top. She occasionally will wear a dress if it is not too fancy.
Relationships: Megan is straight but can be at times curious. She develops a crush on her best friend’s stepbrother, Brian Nichols. On a trip with their circle of friends, he breaks up with his current girlfriend, Shauna and he and Megan become boyfriend and girlfriend. It is currently; she admits he is her first real boyfriend.
Personality: She is a tomboy and will join in when there is a game going on. She at first is shy but quickly gets fed up with being bullied by Shauna and the others. She still carries emotional scars from when her mother walked out on them. She has no idea of the family secret which resulted in her tormentor being her biological half-sister.
History: Although she has been a tomboy for most of her life, Megan grew up your typical teen. Originally from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Megan never felt like she was denied anything or even felt neglected in any way. She is very self-reliant and responsible for her age.  She grew up for her first eleven years with both of her parents until one night she overheard her parents arguing rather loudly. She then heard the front door slam.
Unsure what was happening, Megan had curled herself into a ball on her bed, silently wishing for the happiness to return to her family. This didn’t happen though. Instead, her father came to her room and informed her that her mother had taken her things and left the family for good. This broke Megan’s heart. The next morning, her brothers had also been told, and the family decided it would be best for them to relocate to a small suburb of LA called Coral Springs to start over. Megan asked where this was located and was shocked to learn it was in California on the other side of the country. 
After just moving in, Megan joined a support group online for broken families. It was here she met someone using the username “BrokenHeart416.” They chatted regularly for a long time. A few days after moving in, she started sixth grade at Coral Spring Middle School. Her grades were low at first because she was still adjusting to the new surroundings. It wasn’t long before they were improved the way they had been before, which were usually A’s and B’s. During lunch that same day, an older guy named Brian walked up to her and introduced himself to her to be friendly. She shot him a grin and introduced herself as well and the two chatted just as a dark-haired girl approached them. She also introduced herself as Jessica Davidson.
The girls became fast friends. They constantly did homework together and they also hung out. It became obvious both families were wealthy and were constantly planning some activities to do over the weekend. Jessica even helped Megan in getting onto the yearbook committee and joining the school newspaper.
Megan set up her own blog and aided Jessica in setting up her own vlog on her computer.

 Megan’s world was turned even more upside down when she was thirteen. It began one day while in the middle of swimming she began to not feel well. Jessica had noticed right away and asked if she was okay. Megan shook her head, so she was quickly taken to the Med Center. They called an ambulance after she passed out.  They performed test after test on her before they got the results back on a sugar test known as an A1C, which is a test for Diabetes. Her test results came back as well over 600, which is why she had passed out. She attended a Diabetes class and learned how to inject herself with insulin as well as how to perform her at home sugar tests, which she would have to do numerous times each day.

She asked that only a few people know about her Diabetes. If anyone at school other than a chosen few asked, she had just gotten the flu. They agreed, but the nurse was one of the few who did have to know.  For her next birthday, her father bought her an insulin pump to use, which her doctor had agreed to. She would only need to do the injections should an emergency arise.

 Megan’s life became even more complicated shortly after the beginning of her sophomore year of high school when Brian began dating the extremely popular mean girl of the school, Shauna Daniels. Shauna had developed a strong dislike for Megan right away for some reason. Megan originally didn’t bother with her. That is until Shauna began bullying her. It began with Shauna slamming Megan’s locker door when she was getting her books out or tripping her in the cafeteria. This quickly escalated to stealing her homework or accusing her of stealing.

  1. Her mother, Celeste walked out on the family when Megan was eleven years old.
  2. Megan is biologically Ryan’s youngest daughter.
  3. Megan learns in “House of Terror” she has a paternal half-sister.
  4. Her mother gave up all rights to her and her siblings in “House of Terror.”
  5. She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was thirteen years old.
  6. She often babysits for her nephew, Dylan.
  7. Megan took it the hardest when her mother left them.
  8. Her favorite holiday is Christmas.
  9. Megan didn’t learn who BrokenHeart416 was until a year after they moved to Coral Springs.
  10. Met Jessica and Brian on her first day of sixth grade after moving to Coral Springs.
  11. They moved midway through the school year (around November).
  12. She is a year younger than Shauna.
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