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Full Version: Proposal to cut Premier League to 18 teams
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Radical proposals for the reform of English football could have a "damaging impact" on the game, says the Premier League.

Under the proposals, led by Liverpool and Manchester United, the English top flight would be cut to 18 teams.

The plans would see the Premier League hand over the £250m bailout required by the Football League to stave off a financial disaster among its 72 clubs.

The Premier League would also hand over 25% of its annual income to the EFL.

"English football is the world's most watched, and has a vibrant, dynamic and competitive league structure that drives interest around the globe," a Premier League statement said.

I have to say, I'm really not a fan of this proposal. 20 is a nice round number, and I don't think the sport would be enhanced at all by losing two of those teams.

If there's some financial reason for temporarily dropping to 18 teams, then I guess that's fair enough - but I really hope it isn't made permanent.
Well, this plan has been unanimously rejected by all 20 Premier League teams:

Glad to hear it won't be happening :) .