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To everyone else, Megan Reynolds was still the new girl in school. She was a very shy blonde who loved writing articles for her blog and conversing online via her chatroom with a few of her regular blog readers. Ever since she began a friendship with the popular girl, Jessica Davidson, things have changed a little bit. Jessica gets her invitations to parties she would never go to and force her to talk to people she use to never talk to. After her father abruptly cancels their spring break plans, Megan gets invited to go on a weeklong trip with some of her classmates to a secluded cabin on Hollow Springs Lake.
Jealous and angry of this new girl making friends so quickly with her crowd, Shauna Daniels attempts to do everything she can to see to it this girl remains out of her crowd. She does everything from stealing and destroying her take-home test, injuring her in Phys. Ed class, and starting a food fight and blaming Megan for it.
Once her final attempt is revealed and she is grounded, she sneaks out and goes to the lake anyway. She is now out for revenge. Another secret is later revealed regarding her father by a member of her crowd and it sparks a series of murders which spawns an all new mystery which will leave them all shaken to the core.


Megan Reynolds(15): A very artistic writer who is very good in school. She is also very shy.  Played by Kim Winchester
Brian Nichols(17): A Jock who starts off as Shauna's boyfriend. 
Shauna Daniels(16): The killer who is not identified until later. She is very spoiled and is Queen B of the school.
Matt Harper(17): One of Brian's two best friends. Jessica has a crush on him. He is also a Jock. Played By Kyng
Jessica Davidson(15): Brian's stepsister and Megan's best friend. She is a party girl who loves dance. She is known for getting into trouble.
Chelsea Reardon(16): Shauna's best friend who is also a mean girl. 
Marci Lopez(15): She is Jess and Megan's age but is in Shauna and Chelsea's grade. She is afraid of Shauna and Chelsea. She later accidentally learns the truth about Shauna's father.
Zack Reynolds(17): Megan's older brother who is also Brian's other best friend. He is also a Jock.
Ryan Reynolds: Father to Megan and Zack. He is a very successful Attorney and is muscularly built.
Edward Lopez: Marci's father who owns the cabin the teens go to. 

Side Notes:

OCs are allowed as long as the mains are cast too.
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@"Kim Winchester: It's been almost two months, so perhaps we should start this now :P ?
It was mid-afternoon when Megan Reynolds pulled her white colored Jeep into the driveway outside her pale blue colored house. She smiled to herself because it had been a good day. She had managed to turn in her take home test and was expecting a good grade on it thanks to all of the studying she had done over the past two weeks with her best friend, Jessica. 

She left her Jeep, grabbed her backpack and purse from the passenger seat and then closed the driver's side door with a loud thud. She hurried inside through the garage door and inside the house. She made her way through the laundry room and into the kitchen. She got in the fridge and grabbed a bottle of fruit punch. She needed something with sugar. She hated when her sugar went low this early in the afternoon. It was a downside to her Diabetes.  

She sat at the bar in the kitchen and opened her juice. She took several big gulps and then sighed softly.
By now, Matt had already been home for a full twenty minutes. He had driven back from school as quickly as he could - because today was the day of a baseball match he was desperate not to miss. The Kansas City Royals were playing the Detroit Tigers - and, while neither team was local to him, his parents had moved here from Michigan about a year before he was born, and so he was siding firmly with the Tigers.

He slumped down into his couch, tucking into some of KFC's boneless chicken wings, which he had stopped off to purchase for his dinner on the way back from school. Then, he switched on his television, and watched the players filing out of the dressing rooms and onto the diamond. He had made it back in the nick of time.
Megan finished her juice and grabbed her test kit out of her backpack. She then grabbed a tissue from the hallway table and then sat back down at the bar on her stool. She opened her test kit and pulled out her shooter, meter, and a clean test strip. She placed the strip in the slot on her meter which automatically turned it on. As soon as she saw it was ready, she used the shooter to prick her finger until she saw a drop of blood form on the side of her finger. She let the strip siphon a small bit of blood and the meter began counting down. When it did, she saw her number was a little higher but she would need to eat a snack, too. Megan sighed as she got up once again from her stool. 

She walked to the fridge and grabbed a Lunchable out. It happened to be the turkey and cheese which was her favorite. She sat there and ate it all. Then she hurried off to the bathroom to do her insulin injection, too. She knew she would only need a little this time in order to break down the food.

When she returned, she heard her cellphone start to ring so she hurried to answer it.
As the players took their positions on the diamond, Matt's television crackled for a few seconds, flickering in and out of life... but then, with a it went completely blank.

"Hmph," he grunted to himself, as he picked up the remote control. He pushed the On/Off button, thinking this would solve it... but, the TV simply sat dead. He then scowled at his remote, as he repeatedly pressed the same button furiously, then tried hammering all of the other buttons on his remote... once again, to no effect.

And then, just as he hit the last of the buttons... his phone burst into life from the next room.

Matt let out of few choice swear words, threw his remote control across the room, and yanked the phone violently out of its tray. "Hello... what do you want Angry ???"
(Someone was calling Megan not her calling someone else.)

Jessica's happy voice quickly rang out. "Hey. I just got off the phone with Marci. Her dad is going to let us go to their lake cabin this weekend for the four days."

Megan sighed and asked, "Who all is going? You know it will be torture if Shauna and Chelsea go."

Jessica sighed and said, "I know, which is why Marci is inviting some guys to come, too." She could hear a light chuckle in her best friend's voice. "Brian was invited."

"Ooooooo. Tempting, but I don't know." Megan said. "I might be able to if Zack comes, too."

"He is calling Matt from what Marci told me." Jess said and then quickly hung up.


"Hey." Zack Reynolds said over the phone. "Brian asked me to call you. Some of us guys were asked to go to the Lopez family cabin this weekend as chaperones. You up for it? Brian said his sister is going. Just to warn you. You do know she likes you, don't you?" He grinned at the phone and tried desperately not to laugh.
"Yes, I know all too well, thank you..." Matt grumbled, as he recalled an incident where she had walked straight into a lamp post, while she had been too busy staring at him to look where she was going. "But, yes, I will go. I'll make sure to bring a roll of bubble wrap for her, in case she's still a complete klutz... anyway, is that all? I've got a game to watch, if the *censored* TV will just let me Angry ..."
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