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Full Version: Won't Be On After Today!!!!
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I am won't be on after today until Thursday afternoon because my husband and I moving into our own apartment. We have most the stuff moved down there already but tomorrow all morning my husband along with a friend of ours will be moving down the dressers, our bed, two computer desks, my computer, my husband's laptop and TV because the cable/internet/phone company is coming Thursday afternoon to hooked it all up.
OK, thanks for letting us know - and, I hope your move goes smoothly :) !
Sounds exciting! Hope it goes well!
I got a new computer desk today to take with me and I am not taking the one that I am using now.
The internet/phone/TV is all hooked mine and my husband's new apartment plus the internet is a lot faster.
Glad to hear it :D !

Anyway, now that you're back, it's time for me to close this topic.