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Full Version: Ideologies Explained Through Minecraft Villages
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Have you ever wondered what a communist Minecraft village, or a fascist Minecraft village, or anything else like that might look like? Well, this video is for you :P !

In this video, YouTube user ibxtoycat takes a bunch of political ideologies, and pokes fun at them one at a time, using Minecraft villagers as his unfortunate test subjects :P . (The full title of the video is "Extremist Ideologies Explained Through Minecraft Villages"; however, I dropped the first word from the topic title because: a) that would make it too long to fit on the main index without cutting off, and b) some of these ideologies wouldn't be considered 'extremist' within the Western world. Indeed, given the number and variety of ideologies being mocked here, there's a good chance that your own political views will be made fun of in this video... however, you can take comfort from the fact that everyone else's views are being made fun of as well :lol: )

So, without further ado, here it is:

I hope you enjoyed it!