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Isolation is boring, so I'm starting a new RP. This should be a fantasy-style one, so feel free to go a bit crazy with your characters!

This world exists completely underground, with a series of catacombs, tunnels and mazes being all that connects settlements to each other. To be a message-bearer is one of the most challenging professions, because the passageways are fraught with dangerous beasts, ghosts, traps and puzzles. But somebody has to do it!

The Mayor of Orbane has a very important document to deliver to the nearby Duke of Putnay. Some say it might hold the key to forming the next underground kingdom. The group of message-bearers tasked with delivering this letter must run the gauntlet set before them and return to the Mayor with good tidings. And who knows where their careers might escalate to if they prove successful?

Please fill out the following character sheet for me. I will try to draw up a map of Orbane, which is where most of our missions will come from, so that we have something to visualise. We will start in either a week, or when we have three players (though obviously more are welcome to join in)!

Name: (whatever you fancy)
Age: (please be fairly young as being a message-bearer is a job for the youth of the town)
Weapon: (you get one weapon, unless you can make a very convincing case for me to give you two, e.g. dual-wielding)
Useful Item: (again, please limit yourself to one. Along with this, you’ll get a backpack with some basic gear such as torches, food and waterskins)
Skill: (a special skill that you have that might help you on your adventures, e.g. can talk to animals, very agile, quick thinker. Nothing game-breaking like “can fly”.)
History: (feel free to be as detailed or vague as you like with this! I won't be very detailed!!)

Without further ado, here's my character.

Name: Rori Fulgen
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Weapon: Torch Mace - this mace is specially adapted to be ignited like a torch. Forged by Rori's father.
Useful Item: Tinderbox - for lighting fires and torches when it gets dark.
Skill: Rori is incredibly fast and able to outrun just about anyone.
Personality: Very fiery, Rori has a short temper and gets irritated very easily. Despite his short stature, he's very brave and willing to do anything for his companions. While not dim, he does tend to make decisions before thinking them through. He is driven by a desire to prove himself to his family and the Orbane community.
History: Rori is the youngest of three siblings. His family have always lived in Orbane, where his parents run the local blacksmith's. He has been a message-bearer for a few months, and already has a few scars from it.
I'll just use one of my existing characters from the Asleep universe, I think :P .

Name: Lydia
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Weapon: Bow and arrow
Useful Item: Flask of healing potion (should be enough for the first few missions, but will need to be replenished at some point)
Skill: When not carrying messages, Lydia is training to be a doctor. Her education in this field isn't yet complete; however, she can perform most basic healing spells, as well as one or two of the more advanced ones.
Personality: Lydia is academically astute - which she kind of has to be in order to become a doctor :P . However, you'd never catch her admitting this: she's always paranoid about herself and her own failings. Quite often, she'll convince herself that she is at fault for unfortunate occurrences - even when they have nothing to do with her :( .
History: Lydia has had a fairly rough childhood. Her father was killed in battle when she was four years old - and then, her mother was unable to cope with doing the work of two parents, plus continuing her regular job to bring in the gold. As a result, she ended up being adopted by the ruler of a Merfolk kingdom. They gave her a comfortable and welcoming home; however, as the only elf in a predominantly-Merfolk castle, she struggled to fit in and make friends. Sadly, this means she's always struggled with serious confidence issues.

(NOTE: In the Asleep universe, Lydia is an elf. Since this is a fantasy-themed RPG, I also intend for her to be an elf here; however, if there's a problem with that, then I guess this incarnation of Lydia can be a human!)
Oh I'm totally fine with elves! I might draw the line at humanoid shark creatures, but elves, dwarves and common fantasy races are cool! :)
It's been a week now - so, perhaps we should start :P ?
Sorry, I should have replied before, but I kinda haven't had much motivation. 

Name: Celeste Atlas
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Weapon: Bow and arrow
Useful Item: Maps 
Skill: Agile 
Personality/History: She's elegant, jovial, savvy and perhaps a little too nervous; tactful, cautious and fierce. But this is all just a facade, a mechanism to deal with her position and with her horrifying past. 
She was born in an ordinary family in an important capital. She lived out of trouble until she was about 10 years old, but at that point things began to change. She killed somebody during a revolution and was shunned. Reunited with a lost pet she had to survive in a relentless world. But with her bravery and eagerness, she managed to overcome all odds and face all obstacles. This has turned her into the woman she is today.
She got a new companion and was about to meet 'Mr(s). Right'. With determination and some luck, she lives the dream in a strange world. But with her powers and charm, there's nothing to stop her from climbing to the top. She could quickly become an ally you'd want by your side.
However, she is currently enjoying the simpler life. She feels like there's more to enjoy in this world. Luckily she has a close group of friends to support her. Having finally found some peace of mind, she now works on travelling and surviving of nature. By doing so, she hopes to leave the past behind and finally find stability and security she has never had.
Backstory from Backstory description generator.
: Any chance of us starting this soon :P ? Especially now that we have three players!
Hey, sorry, it's been a hectic week :(  I'll get things going tomorrow.
OOC: Okay, we can start now! Sorry about the delay!!


The doors to the Mayor's mansion opened with a loud creak. The butler, a tall, elderly man, led us through rooms and corridors, passing through what seemed like a mixture of a royal palace and a museum. There were grand fireplaces decorated with shiny ornaments, but there were as many of those as there were old taxidermy projects and death masks. It was rather a curious place to me.

Our party was lead into a small room, and the butler closed us in with the mayor, a gaunt man with a long, ginger beard. He was sitting at a desk, in the middle of writing a letter. When we entered, he lifted his head, and welcomed us in with a grin.

"Ah, you're early. Excellent! Please, do sit down."

He beckoned the three of us to take a seat on three wooden chairs that had been placed at the side of the room. For a few minutes, he returned to his quill pen and finished writing. He then stood up, and surveyed the three of us.

"Younglings doing the job nowadays, eh. Tell me a bit about yourselves."
Lydia was visibly shivering with fear as she took her seat in between her two companions. She always hated being put on the spot: she performed very poorly in these kinds of situations, both at school and in work. She glanced to her left towards Celeste, then to her right towards Rori, hoping that one of them would commence the proceedings; however, when neither of them did, she felt she had no choice but to break the awkward silence.

"I'm... Lydia," she stammered timidly. "Lydia Ní Marwyn. I'm the healer... I tend to people's injuries when they get hurt. Which they do a lot... and it's all my fault... you should probably just talk to the others, because they're much smarter and better than me :( ..."
"I am Celeste," she stated with gusto. "I'll be your map keeper. If you need the map, I'd be happy to give it to you." She began to reach for her bow and arrows. "And I'm an excellent archer. I can shoot through a bottlecap sitting on top of table. I'm sorry to brag." She looked around shiftily, unsure of what else to say, as she didn't want to dig up her past.
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