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Full Version: Omega-3 supplements "little help" against cancer
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Taking omega-3 supplements offers "little to no" benefit against cancer, say experts.

Consumption of fish oil supplements is promoted as having a wide range of positive impacts on health.

These are purported to include lowering the risk of strokes, as well as diseases such as cancer and dementia.

But researchers at University of Anglia (UEA) found taking daily supplements will likely have no significant impact on a person's health.

The research relates specifically to supplements, rather than omega-3 derived from eating fish, with experts still suggesting the latter is good for the heart, as well as general health.

Okay, I should make one thing clear here. The research divided people into two groups - one of which took supplements as well as their usual omega-3 intake (from nuts, fish etc.), and the other of which just maintained their usual intake without taking any supplements. There was no significant difference in health between the two groups.

What this study is saying is: if you're getting enough omega-3 from your regular diet, then there is no benefit to supplementing it. It's not saying that you don't need any omega-3 in your diet at all (In fact, if your regular diet is deficient in omega-3, either due to lack of nuts or lack of fish, then you probably do still need these supplements)

Just had to clarify that... I just don't want people screwing up their health by giving up supplements when they're actually needed.