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Full Version: Board games or 1980 toys
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Do you still have the game now do you still play said game or not any more?

i remember really enjoying connect four or this oneĀ 

glow worm memory game andĀ

did any one have this bath toy it was designed by fisher price the boat was blue and yellow and white I think
I had a marble run just like that :D ! I already spoke about it in the 'Marbles' thread; I don't have it any more, but it's good to see they're still making them :) .

As for "1980 toys": I wasn't born until 1990, so I never had very many of them :P . I do have a Mastermind game that I inherited from my mum, but unfortunately, it's not in very good condition (and sadly, because of me: she took much better care of it than I did :( )