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Full Version: "Palpatine is Wallace" mash-ups
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Cross-posted from the old board (because, a year and a half after moving from ZetaBoards, I still haven't finished doing that Rofl ):

YouTube user HourofPoop has uploaded the following video, featuring one of Emperor Palpatine's scenes from Revenge of the Sith. However, the Emperor has been replaced with everybody's favourite cheese-loving claymation inventor: Wallace :P .

Here it is, in all its glory:

It may only be a minute long, and it may not be particularly polished - but, I think the idea's great :lol: . Indeed, the same channel later took the concept further, with a four-minute video of the Palpatine vs Yoda:

I think it's great: it's a side of Wallace that I've never seen before :lol: ! I wonder what other villains he could play :P ?