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Full Version: Nike
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Nike is a popular sports brand that I am pretty sure everyone here has heard of. Who here owns products from Nike? If so, what?

I used to love Nike shoes growing up. I own a pair of Blazers, Air Max (forgot which ones), SBs, Air Forces and more recently Air Force Jordans. I also own two Nike sports bras. I think that the quality is great and it's even better when you're able to snag the kids' sizes (I'm the biggest size for juniors).

So, what about you?
Wow, after all the Nike shoe spam that's been started by spambots over the years... we finally have a legitimate topic about them :lol: !

I don't have any of their shoes, though: I don't care enough about my feet to buy anything from these 'brand names' :P .
I have some pretty neat red and black snickers from the brand.