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Full Version: Colliding neutron stars disturb space-time
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Scientists have observed gravitational waves emanating from the collision of two dense, dead stars.

It's the second time the international Ligo-Virgo collaboration of laser labs has picked up such a signal.

What makes this one different, though, is the combined mass of the two merging neutron stars - at three and a half times that of our Sun.

A coalescing system this big has never been seen in our galaxy and challenges researchers' expectations.

All the previously known so-called binary neutron stars detected by radio telescopes have been no larger than 2.7 times the mass of the Sun.

The union of the two neutron stars almost certainly produced a black hole.

Well, this must have been a pretty cataclysmic collision: I wouldn't want to be anywhere near it, especially if it did produce a black hole!

As for these gravitational waves - we didn't even observe them for the first time until 2015, so hopefully this will give us a good opportunity to study them some more.