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Full Version: Satellites threaten astronomers' view of space
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Astronomers are warning that their view of the Universe could be under threat.

From next week, a campaign to launch thousands of new satellites will begin in earnest, offering high-speed internet access from space.

But the first fleets of these spacecraft, which have already been sent into orbit by US company SpaceX, are affecting images of the night sky.

They are appearing as bright white streaks, so dazzling that they are competing with the stars.

Scientists are worried that future "mega-constellations" of satellites could obscure images from optical telescopes and interfere with radio astronomy observations.

Sounds like the main threat here is the OneWeb project, to provide high-speed internet access across the globe. That'll be incredibly useful for the entire world - although, it'll be a shame if it ends up negatively impacting our scientific research like this :( .

Hopefully, there will be some way for those behind the OneWeb project to work with the astronomers to figure something out.