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Full Version: 'Ring of Fire' annular eclipse in Asia
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[Image: PChUhIn.jpg]
(Source: Daniel Fischer)

As much of the world was enjoying Christmas Day, a narrow swathe of the Middle East and Asia enjoyed the gorgeous sight of a “ring of fire” as an annular solar eclipse was visible for a few dramatic minutes.

The spectacle was seen in mostly clear skies or thin cloud in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman, southern India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

It was intrepid eclipse-chasers in Saudi Arabia that got probably the best views, witnessing—and photographing—the annular solar eclipse at sunrise. That meant seeing the strange sight of a “ring of fire” appearing on the horizon.

Nice :D . Perhaps it's not quite as visually stunning as a total solar eclipse, where the Moon really does block out the Sun - but it's still a sight to behold, especially for the people there.

(Of course, I've never seen either of them... maybe I will one day :P )