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Full Version: Icebeak
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Name: Icebeak
Age: 6
Gender: Female
Species: Icadyptes
Personality: She was an experiment to try and bring back fossils. She's sardonic, tends to be serious but can quickly change to quirky. She managed to escape the lab she was in. (Imagine her sounding like Anivia from League of Legends). 
History: She managed to escape the lab she was held captive in. It took her several tries, and one escape almost ended her life. One of her flippers almost tore off, and was replaced by a nylon, 3D printed mould in the shape of a flipper. Her beak is incredibly long and sharp, as she has no trouble stabbing and pecking at her captors. Since she uses a lot of energy, she has to eat constantly. She is able to eat fish up to the size of Pike and small Wels Catfish.