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Full Version: Gao's Nature Caption Contest #2 - TIEBREAKER
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Name of the game is simple.

Our poll's been locked up in a tie sooooo time to break that tie.

So as a reminder our options were...
Are you sure this is the right way to the Sahara? (Shiny Star)
Private: "But Skipper we're supposed to regroup with the others at the top of these stairs."
Skipper: "Nope, it's clearly a trap! We go this way."  (QueenZelda)

A ribbon and 500 credits are at stake.

You will have until 10/12 to vote and poll closes on that day or whenever I first spot the poll not at a tie from that day onward.
I voted.

Good luck, both of you :) !
Today is the last day to vote.
Heyyyy we got a winner.
Shiny Star with a three vote advantage takes our win, 500 credits, and a shiny ribbon.

Queen picks up 250 credits in second, and Lurker as well as JHG tie for third and get 100 credits.
All prizes have been awarded :) .

Congrats, Shiny - and thanks for entering/voting, everyone!