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In AD 2137, the uneasy peace between the Global Federation and the Eastern Union came to an abrupt end. The Balkhash IV nuclear reactor was sabotaged, and the resulting explosion killed over 300,000 people - most of them Global Federation citizens. Consequently, the Eastern Union was faced with an ultimatum: decommission its remaining nuclear reactors within two years, or face war. Fearing the consequences, some 56 million people fled elsewhere in the Solar System: most went to the Moon, some went to Mars, and a few went to the asteroids or the moons of Jupiter. Sadly, their fears proved to be well-founded - as, by AD 2139, the Eastern Federation's reactors were still fully operational, and the Global Confederation made good on its threats to declare total war. Immediately, the two sides launched their nuclear arsenals at one another... and at once, the planet which had hosted life for billions of years had been transformed into a frozen, barely-hospitable tomb. Those who weren't vaporised by the nuclear warheads themselves soon succumbed to the resulting lawlessness, loss of infrastructure, and nuclear winter. When all was said and done, fewer than 1 million people remained alive on Earth: only the most remote tribal communities survived.

Of course, the fortunes of those who fled proved to be rather happier. A few of the new colonies ended up failing; however, many survived and thrived over the course of the decades. By AD 2400, the Solar System's human population had once again exceeded 1 billion - with almost 900 million people living on a fully-terraformed Moon; 100 million living on Mars; roughly 200,000 on each large asteroid; and 100,000 on each of the four main moons of Jupiter. Sadly, Earth remained a shadow of its former self: the population was recovering, aided by surviving examples of old Earth's technology, but the rebuilding was painfully slow: over 250 years after the cataclysm, Earth's population remained under 20 million.

Over on Ganymede, King Kyle and Queen Fiona were well aware of this unhappy situation - and their hearts ached for the unfortunate inhabitants of this once-vibrant planet. Consequently, they sent two of their children - 33-year-old Prince Derek, and 28-year-old Princess Claire - on a mission to old Earth, to establish a line of communication with Ganymede; deliver the technology which had been researched there over the past 26 decades; and help to restore the planet to its former glory.

So, here are the rules for this RPG:

  • This RPG takes place in the Wulfric Castle universe (specifically, in the c-timeline). However, this era in the universe's history remains relatively unexplored, so all you'll need to know is what's already been re-established in the above paragraphs. You can read through the timeline if you wish, but it isn't "required reading" by any means: it's just if you want further backstory :P .

  • I will be playing as Prince Derek, and Megan will be playing as Princess Claire. There will be others with them on the spaceship; however, these will all be new characters (specifically, yours :P ).

  • In order to join, simply fill out the following (or, if you've already posted your character's bio elsewhere, link to that):

    Quote:Name: Derek Lennart-Lewis
    Age: 33
    Gender: Male
    Physical description: Has medium-length, untidy brown hair, with a silver headband in order to specify his rank. On his face, he has a messy moustache and beard, and large chocolate-brown eyes. He usually wears a bright red robe, emblazoned with the traditional insignia of Wulfric Castle.
    Personality: Can be quite temperamental, and often comes across to people as overly strict. However, he does have a softer side, and even when he is firm with people, it's because he ultimately wants what's best for them.
    Skills and Powers: Has a small amount of latent healing power in his thumb. However, doesn't really know how to channel it very well: he's not really able to use it for anything more than fixing paper cuts, or repairing cracks in walls.

  • We'll begin in a week's time, or when we have four sign-ups (whichever happens first).

Enjoy :) !
Name: Claire Lennart-Lewis
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Physical description:
Has long blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. She typically wears rather plain dresses, her favorite being a blue one.
Personality: Is much calmer then her older brother, and usually the voice of reason. She tries to find the best in people, and tries to help as best she can.
Skills and Powers: Has great skill in various white magic.
OOC: A week has passed, so it's time to start now :) !

Dawn broke over Wulfric Castle, and over the burgeoning city which it had spawned.

Like everyone else who lived on Ganymede, the inhabitants of this city derived precious little light and warmth from the rising of the Sun. However, the sunrise of this particular day held a special significance - as it marked the first day of the 25th century of the Common Era. The previous century had brought with it numerous challenges for Wulfric Castle - from nuclear explosions to political and economic instability. However, the people had shown a steely resolve: they confronted and overcame their challenges, and the current era of prosperity was built on the backbone of those trials and tribulations. As the people of Wulfric entered a new century, they sought to expand beyond the moon of Ganymede - for the common good of all humanity.

A few dozen of their most celebrated citizens had gathered alongside a lengthy runway. Most notable among them were King Kyle and Queen Fiona Lennart-Lewis, along with their four children: Derek, Roger, Gwyn, and Claire. Somewhat shamefully, Roger and Gwyn had both had a little too much to drink at the previous night's New Year celebrations - in stark contrast to Kyle and Fiona, both of whom had gone without drinking for 35 years, having sworn never to touch another drop of alcohol again. Derek and Claire, too, had been unable to participate in this aspect of the festivities - as they were dressed in plain white spacesuits, ready for the launch of today's space mission. They were joined by several other similarly-clad astronauts and their families, all eagerly anticipating their departure from Ganymede - with fear and trepidation, but also excitement and anticipation.

For now, the nanotube-reinforced titanium screen at the entrance to the hangar remained firmly shut. All eyes were on this hatch, as the crowd waited with bated breath, for it to slide open...
Fiona normally would of been lecturing both Roger and Gwyn, but held off since this was something more important. She instead held her hand in Kyle's as she waited along with everyone else.

Finally, slowly the hatch slowly began to open.
The metallic screen took its time to slide away: it was a full two minutes before the end of the door disappeared above the top of the frame. As it disappeared, two ceremonial plumes of smoke billowed out from behind the sides of the entrance. When these dissipated, a jet-black cockpit began to emerge from inside the hangar. As it slowly drew closer, the assembled crowd was able to make out three small, silver-lined windows on the front of the spacecraft - and then, they spotted a large delta-shaped wing swept behind the cabin. Suspended underneath this was a single towering tank of rocket fuel, that extended for the entire length of the shuttle. Then, either side of this were two small ion engines, which were intended for manoeuvring the ship once it was in space.

As the entire machine emerged into view, the crowd ascended to their feet, to offer a standing ovation and a rapturous applause. The prospective astronauts, in particular, whispered feverishly to themselves: this looked so much sleeker and more impressive than the training capsules!
Claire stared in awe. "These are so much nicer then those capsules..."

Kyle then moved forward to make a small speech. "Now, we bid our dear travelers farewell and good luck. We wish you safe travels."
Most of the crowd applauded Kyle's well-wishes; however, Derek smirked at the fact that his speech was only fifteen words long. Most people were used to it by now - Kyle had never been particularly comfortable as an orator - but it was still a source of humour for some people.

Once Kyle had finished, one of the side panels on the craft slid open, in order to allow the travellers to climb aboard. Several of the travellers kissed their families goodbye, and then took their places on the ship; however, Derek was feeling rather apprehensive. He stared straight into his father's bright blue eyes, trembling with fear: this might be the last time he would ever see him...
Claire unlike Derek, seemed more excited, then scared. She was keen to board and take off.

Kyle and Fiona moved to their son and daughter to say their good-byes. Kyle hugged both of his children, though while hugging Derek he slipped his duck blanket into his hands, for good luck. He quickly moved away, flushing a bit, embarrassed.
After receiving a warm, loving hug from each of his parents, Derek began to calm down a little bit. He soon mustered up the courage to turn around, stride towards the ship, and ascend the flight of stairs to climb aboard.

By the time Derek sat down next to Claire, there was only one passenger left to board the flight. A young, red-haired lady was shivering with fear, clinging tearfully to her mother Roxy.

"I don't wanna leave any more :'( ..." she sobbed, as she held on tightly to Roxy. "I wanna stay behind with you and Dad..."
“Oh come on, if you did that, you’d regret it.” Roxy said patting her on the head. “It’ll be fine, just go on...”

Claire looked over seeing the blanket in Derek’s hands. She snickered at the sight of that. “What are you doing with that?”
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