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Full Version: 100,000 posts!
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For the past few days now, we've been closing in on 100,000 posts. I know at least one member has misread this as "TCH is closing after making 100,000 posts" - so, I have to clarify that we're not :P . We made that magic milestone today - and, I'm please to announce that we have no plans to go anywhere!

Here's the obligatory commemorative screenshot:

[Image: HNOPPFY.png]

Thanks a lot to everyone who helped us get here - and now, it's time for us to lead the board to even greater heights :) !
Woot! Congrats!

Shame all these posts aren't all about ferrets... Ferret
Nice one guys. 100,000 is a big achievement and we couldn’t have reached that goal without everyone. Here’s to more posts!
obligatory post for milestone to appease the meatbags. it didnt take that long to get here either, wonder how long till 200k?
You need to figure out which post it was now. :P
I must be dreaming.
(09-07-2019, 08:19 PM)Lurker101 Wrote: [ -> ]You need to figure out which post it was now. :P

I believe it was this one :P .

(I know that one of Megan's RPG posts was the 100,001st, and that one had post ID 100,807 - so, I just found the one with post ID 100,806 :lol: )
Congratulations on your milestone guys, glad that you're making the most of what MyBB has to offer. :)