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Full Version: [OBSOLETE] Welcome to the Roleplaying forum!
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Welcome to the RPG forum! 

Are you interested in starting up an RPG of your own, or joining those that other members have created? If so, then that's great - and we hope that you have fun in this forum :D . If you're not familiar with RPGs, then I also hope that this post will help you to get started. 

I'll start off by explaining some of the terms and abbreviations that you're likely to encounter here: 
  • In character (IC): Text written from the perspective of a character within the game, rather than a person sitting at a computer playing the game. Usually, the vast majority of posts in an RPG will be IC. 
  • Out of character (OOC): Text written from the perspective of a person sat at a computer playing the game (for example, a user asking a question about a particular aspect of the game). Any such text should be clearly marked. 
  • God modding: Taking control of another member's character. Please don't do this unless either: a) you have their prior permission, or b) they have been inactive in the RPG for over three days.   
  • Powermoding: Giving your own character unlimited powers, or powers greater than those that can be reasonably expected within the context of the RPG. This is a lazy way to role-play, and breaks the immersion for other participants, so please don't do this either.

Next, I think it's time to mention the two categories that RPGs here can fall into: 
  • Single-threaded: The entire RPG takes place within a single topic on the forums. Historically, most RPGs here have been single-threaded.
  • Multi-threaded: The RPG has a central 'hub' thread, but requires additional threads in order to function. For example, the 'hub' thread might be used exclusively for sign-ups and information, and each member (or group of members) might have their own thread, in which their actual role-playing takes place.
You're allowed to start either type of RPG, but there are a couple of rules associated with multi-threaded RPGs, as follows: 
  • Each thread in a multi-threaded RPG must be readily identifiable as part of that RPG. This means that either the topic title or the topic description must specify somewhere which multi-threaded RPG it's part of.
  • In order to prevent endless cluttering, each member may only have one multi-threaded RPG running at any one time. However, there's no limit on the number of single-threaded RPGs that each member may start.

I hope this thread helps; if you have any further questions, then please ask away here - and I might even update this post with the answer :P . Otherwise, enjoy the forum!
Unpinning and archiving this, because it's heavily outdated, and the most important bits have been superseded by the RPG Inactivity Policy.

I might re-write this thread at some point, but it's not a priority, and I don't know what I'd put into it anyway :P .