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Full Version: Out of the Ashes
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This RP is going to be different? Why? Because it’s full of anthro Pokémon instead of humans. All species of Pokémon are allowed and even hybrid Pokémon are allowed too! 

The Ace Attorney series involves the player investigating crime scenes, talking to people such as other investigators, and looking for clues. In court, a person will give a testimony. After they’re done with their testimony, you’ll be able to cross-examine them. While cross-examining then, you will be able to press them and find out more info, they will add more info to their testimony. If you find lies in their testimony, you can present evidence that contradicts what they say, you’re looking for their lies. This is where the meme “OBJECTION!” comes from. 

If there’s anything that doesn’t make any sense, please let me know! I’ll try to help. 

As for the Pokémon part of it... each species has an baby/young, middle/teen stage and adult stage; depending on which Pokémon line you use. 

The location where this takes place is Unova, mostly in Castelia City but other places too. 

When enough people join, I’ll give everyone more info about the crime and the witnesses, etc. 


Name: Azar Phoenix
Species: Toucannon 
Sex/pronouns: Female/she/her
Prosecutor/attorney: Defense attorney
Personality: Has a fiery personality and her beak will grow bright pinkish-red when she’s angry. Is aggressive and cunning and does cheap tricks in order to win trials. When outside of court, she is helpful and lax. 
Backstory: Azar Phoenix was originally from Alola until she moved to Unova. Loves to paint and draw landscapes. Was originally going to be an architect until her mother and father were wrongfully convicted of killing her brother — That’s when she had made her choice: she wanted to be defense attorney. She vowed someday she would reopen the case and acquit her parents.
Name: Florrie Bowes
Species: Budew
Sex/pronouns: Female/she/her
Prosecutor/attorney: Kid detective (hope this is okay :P )
Personality: Usually an extremely shy girl, she has learned to 'play detective'. While doing so, she is very excitable and even quite loud at times. But she always goes back to her wallflower self when the case is solved and everything dies down again.[font] 
Backstory: An orphan who has never been adopted because she won't talk to anyone but her elderly caretaker. Masquerades as the mysterious Detective Dewy (complete with a mask and disguise) when there's a crime afoot.[/font]
OOC: accepted! Looking forward to seeing your character!
I'll give this a go :P :

Name: Greentail Rondale
Species: Yamper
Sex/pronouns: Male/he/him
Prosecutor/attorney: Defense Attorney
Personality: Is quite timid, especially around people he doesn't know very well. However, he can be energetic when the situation calls for it - especially in the presence of treats!
Backstory: Was always picked on as a child, because he was the only member of his family to have a green tail, instead of a yellow one. As a result, he became very paranoid and distrustful of people in general, and came to prefer his own company. In order to occupy himself, he learned to run extremely fast - and eventually, he won so much prize money for his sprinting that he was able to pay his way into law school.
OOC: accepted!

Everyone, remember your characters have hands and feet like real humans. ^_^
OOC: I guess we outta start, no?

Azar entered the courtroom, adjusting her vest, walking up towards the defendant. "Are you ready?" she asked, cooing.

"Yes, I'm ready!" The Lyranroc nodded. "I trust that we can win this!" 

"Of--" Before she could say anything else, a loud explosion sounded behind her, throwing her against the judge's podium, knocking her out. 

We she came to, she noticed rubble and debris everywhere and she then saw splatters of blood and the crush bodies of the judge, the prosecutor, the defendant and the jury. Everyone was dead. "W...why am I the only one that made it?" she asked, confused and dizzy. 

Why me? Why not the others...?
As it happened, Azar wasn't the only survivor. On top of the heap of rubble, a broken panel of roof slid away... and up crept a blood-stained, grievously-injured lawyer, whose green tail and dog-like screams of pain immediately marked him out as Rondale, the next defendant's attorney. He had broken his right leg, and he could barely move - but he was very much alive.

"There are... others..." he croaked, with every remaining fibre of his strength. "Get help... not long..."
Florrie had been running late to today's session. She had a penchant for showing up long after court proceedings had begun, usually because she could only get out of school during her lunch break. She also liked to sneak in late in order to hide in the corner and watch the cases from afar. Plus, she wouldn't want to be spotted out of disguise.

But this time, something wasn't quite right when she sneaked in. The doors creaked as they always did, but the murmurs of the jury, the clattering of the judge's gavel and, of course, the cries of the attorneys were replaced with a melancholy silence. Silence, but for a few moans and groans.

Not sure what to expect, Florrie quickly put on her disguise, and crept in to see what had happened. What she saw was the once-grand courtroom reduced to a heap of rubble, and shrouded in a cloud of dust. There didn't seem to be any life left in there - that is, until the moans and groans started.

Now, Florrie had always been taught to steer clear of Ghost types, so her next steps were ones of caution. She scanned the scene of destruction for anything moving thing.
Fortunately, Rondale was an Electric type, not a Ghost type - and so, Florrie had nothing to fear from him.

The problem was, his vision was still very restricted by the lingering cloud of debris - and so, Rondale had no means of alerting Florrie, or even seeing that she was there. However, he was just about able to hear her faint footsteps over the feeble pleas fellow survivors - and so, he called out once again.

"Over here..." he groaned. "Stuck in rubble... leg broken... need help..."
Azar brushed off her feathers the best she could, shaking off the dust. She snarled through her beak, not understanding what was going on. It took her a second to realise that the courtroom was destroyed by a bomb, most likely of which was a pipe bomb. 

She looked around, noticing that the bodies of all the others were starting to turn into Ghost-types. She was able to see them and was haunted by them. That is when she caught wind that her assistant was still alive, but barely. 

What happened? she thought to herself, rubbing her aching head. Blood collected on her iridescent black feathers. Blood. I got hit on the head. She tried to open her beak, but nothing came out. Dust had clogged her throat.

I'm sorry, Rondale.
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