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Full Version: The Member Title Ladder
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Need to post more to get to the next title/color.
This is my first post after reaching the milestone 5,000 posts!  Yeah!

Congrats Ann on your 5,000 post.
Thanks, @ Poppy .  I appreciate it!

5,000 posts... that's a lot of work.  Very nice!

Congratulations @ Ann
Congratulations - but, can we please post any future milestone celebrations in the Posting Milestones thread?

This thread is for questions and information about the title ladder, so if you have any of those, then by all means post them here; however, any celebratory/milestone posts should go in the thread I linked above.
Updated the opening post to note that access to the Private Lounge is no longer automatic on becoming an Amethyst Member, and must now be applied for. For more information, please see this topic.
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