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Full Version: The Member Title Ladder
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You might have seen some of our members with ranks such as "Amethyst Members", "Golden members", "Ruby Members", and so on. But, what do they mean, and how do you get them?

They're all levels on our member title ladder. It consists of system ranks, which range from "Amethyst Members" (whose main purpose is to give newer members something to aim for), all the way up to "Platinum Members" for dedicated members. 

Each of these ranks is conferred automatically on reaching a certain post count. The boundaries for these are as follows:

Amethyst Members: 500 posts
[Image: amethyst_member.png]

Bronze Members: 1,000 posts
[Image: bronze_member.png]

Silver Members: 2,000 posts
[Image: silver_member.png]

Ruby Members: 3,500 posts
[Image: ruby_member.png]

Golden Members: 5,000 posts
[Image: golden_member.png]

Diamond Members: 10,000 posts
[Image: diamond_member.png]

Platinum Members: 20,000 posts
[Image: platinum_member.png]

In addition to cool member bars, Amethyst Members and above may apply for access to a special 'Private Lounge' within Diaries and Notes, where they can speak to their fellow trusted members about issues of a more personal nature, that they don't want to share with the rest of the world. For more information, please see this topic

I hope that explains what these titles mean. If you have any questions, please ask!
Also, a note on why HeroineDark has a Golden Member rank, despite not having 5000 posts: she achieved that rank when the requirements were lower, and has grandfather rights to continue using it. 

(In fact, she earned the rank back on CRF before TCH even existed, and it got carried over to the old TCH....that's how far back we're talking here :lol: !)
It's obviously not automatic. :V
Going to assume it's a glitch with the MyBB permissions.

Congrats on being the first to get a rank up on the new system and finding the glitch. :P

Hm, maybe it's delayed or something.
Seems to work now. :)
It seems like MyBB has an automated process to handle the promotions, which runs every 20 minutes. 

So, even if it's not completely automatic like it was on ZB, you won't have to wait long :) .
neat, guess i need to post a lot more then huh?
Yay, I have a goal.
Gonna add ranks after platinum?
Probably not much of a need to right now.
Only three people qualify for platinum as it is and one of them is inactive.
What if there are secret ones :hehe: ?
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