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Full Version: What was the last thing you downloaded?
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Simple question here: what was the last thing you downloaded? 

For me, it was 7-Zip (basically, a free and open-source alternative to WinZip).
I think the last thing I downloaded was my current avatar.
A game for the arcade.
I last downloaded a Sonic avatar, I intended to use it here but it was too big even after compressing it. :V
A free-to-use icon for a favicon.
Cities Skyline onto laptop.
A version of Ubuntu Budgie.
Discord onto laptop.
FUD forum software.
Some avatars for IGN. Chibi Peach. I wanna finally get around to playing her.. but it's just that if you main Peach, you have to main Peach. She is unique because of her float mechanic. On top of that, you have to get used to float cancelling and fast falling floats into Nair and stuff, so yeah. We shall see though.
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