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Quote:It's winter, in the year 2002. The town of Winnigen has long been famed for its ski tourism. People from all over the world have come by to trek, ski and just enjoy themselves embracing the local culture. Unfortunately, things seem to have taken a turn for the worse. A group of Olympic skiers have gone missing, after a recent avalanche on Winnigen's famous Mount Ivory. This avalanche was particularly strange, in that it did not happen as a result of a recent snowstorm. In fact, in the days building up, the skies were clear. 

Obviously, mountain rescue were called in, and managed to rescue a good number of the skiers. However, some are still missing, and, sadly, one has been found to have perished in the snow. Explosives were uncovered near the top of the slope, and thus an inquest into the event was set up by the local police force. Of course, with so many tourists in the area, and interest from different countries due to the different nationalities of the skiers, it's only natural that some sleuths would come forward with their own investigations. That's where you come in.

Hopefully this'll be fun and the mystery I'm planning will work out okay. Feel free to work independently or together in solving this mystery - I'm happy to allow either option. More information will be uncovered as you guys go along - so don't expect to get everything right from the get go!! To enter a character, simply fill out the following information. My character will mainly be there to help y'all get used to the area. I won't lie - this is a plot I've thought about turning into a novel before, and depending on how it goes I may still use some of the elements in my Charly Debois stories.

Reason for visit: 
Abilities and Items: 

Name: Levin Lucerne
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Appearance: Aside from normal clothes, he also wears a long brown trenchcoat, a deerstalker hat and normally holds a pipe, which he blows bubble gum out of, since he doesn't smoke. Has brown hair and eyes, and is average-height.
Reason for visit: Local private detective who one of the suspects has called in to clear her name.
Abilities and Items: Always carries a magnifying glass, his gum pipe and a bag, containing notes and a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories. Has a lot of local knowledge of Winnigen and its residents, as he is from the area. Despite his eccentricity, he does possess a sharp mind. Speaks English and German.
Personality: Thinks he's Sherlock Holmes and is searching for his Watson. Even wears the same hat, because he thinks it's that cool. Tries to pretend that he's not living in the 2000's, because he likes Victorian things so much more.

I'll also be taking control of residents and suspects, but you'll meet them later. If anyone would like to be one of the Olympic skiers, that is also allowed. :)
Sounds good! Here's mine: 
Quote:Name: Felix Hamilton
Age: 84
Gender: Male
Appearance: A stark contrast with his youthful appearance. His hair is now a snowy white, without the distinctive quiff. The black tweed jacket is still there; however, the red silk ties have gone, since he sold all of those and donated the money to charity. Is still in good health for his age, and doesn't require a walking stick or anything else of the sort. 
Reason for visit: His great-nephew's fiancée is one of the skiers who has gone missing. He has no particular training in solving mysteries; however, he's keen to help out in any way he can.  
Abilities and Items: Has a ruby-red butterfly ring, which has been in his possession ever since his university days. Its special powers have worn off; however, he keeps it to this day as a lucky charm. Speaks five Mesoamerican languages; however, he's not expecting to find any Aztecs or Olmecs near Winnigen.  
Personality: Is very charitable and keen to help out where he can - especially when it comes to giving his time and money to those living in poverty. Has humbled somewhat in his later years, mainly due to his failed political career: he ran as the Labour candidate in his solidly-Conservative constituency in five successive general elections, from 1979 to 1997, and lost every time. (He did make the 1997 race somewhat competitive; however, he then decided it was time for someone younger to have a go)

I was going to say this was the oldest character I've ever played; however, I then remembered that Henrik was over 200 years old Rofl .
OOC: Accepted! We'll start in a week, or when we get 5 players total, whichever comes first. :)
Name: Mai “Osprey” Takagi, also goes by Meitantei Osprey (めいたんていオスプレ)
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Appearance: Really tall (5’8”), with huge leg and arm muscles, blue eyes, black hair in a long ponytail. She is part Japanese and Canadian. 
Reason for visit: Is a detective from Toronto. Came to Winnigen to go skiing, but a sudden stomachache stopped her from going. 
Abilities and Items: Is fluent in Japanese, French and English. Knows a little bit of German. Into all kinds of martial arts and into gymnastics, hence hr huge muscles. Often wears a bulletproof vest and carries a Glock 19 with a silencer in an ankle holster. 
Personality: Fiesty and often butts her head into stuff she shouldn’t. Despite that, she is kind and caring, will step out of line to protect others, even if it means a bullet to the chest.
Name: Thane
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall with long black hair tied into a ponytail, with blue eyes. Just wears whatever he feels like which tends to be a plain t-shirt and blue jeans.
Reason for visit: Came with his father to ski, but he ended up not skiing with his father when he was feeling ill. His father was one of the ones that died.
Abilities and Items: Doesn't have much in terms of abilities. Often carries a journal he writes in, and a couple medical supplies for himself.
Personality: Thane often can come off as a jerk, but isn't really as big a jerk as he puts on. He doesn't like to show too much of his feelings, and uses his rudeness as a front. Deep down he does care, and will help those he feels needs it. He also suffers from breathing problems, and has to carry an inhaler, and is supposed to have breathing treatments often, but usually doesn't bother.
@ Pyrite: Time for us to start this now :P ?
Yup, I'm just waiting for @ Bane to post a character, cause he told me he wanted to join up as well.
Hey sorry for taking so long! here's my character:

Name: Nazra Winter
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Appearance: Tough young woman who's put on muscle. Black hair shaved on the sides and tied up in a ponytail. She's comfortable in loose sports gear covering her body so that her unconventional body isn't obvious.
Reason for visit: Into extreme sports and looking for the most dangerous and impressive ski stunts. Also she wouldn't mind meeting a potential husband.
Abilities and items: She's strong and proficient in Jujitsu (Karate). Not too clever, but she has good reactions in emergencies. She carries her ski gear around in case a good slope turns up.
Personality: She's daring, bold and acts tough. She loves feats of physical strength and would not hesitate to get into fights for the right reasons.
OOC: All accepted! As such, we shall begin! I'll try and make sure I respond to each of your investigations separately, although there may be times when people cross paths, and of course you're all permitted to work together, too! We're all starting off on the same aerial tramway (of course! :P ), so people can talk as much or as little as they want.


Since the fracas caused by the avalanche, Winnigen Police Station had seen an upturn in the number of phone calls, and visitations from random folk. One such fellow was Levin Lucerne, who had been called in by one of the skiers. They were all at the local hospital for the time being, and Levin had the task today of heading up to the mountains to examine the scene around the explosives, and the scene around the body, which had already been taken by forensics. Tomorrow, he was to meet his client, Joanna Ulen, one of the Swiss skiing hopes for the 2004 Olympics. He would hopefully also get an audience with Inspector Stephan Guette, the man in charge of the case, and his forensics analyst.

The air was cold today, but the sun shone out, as it had done all week before the snowfall. Levin was well-accustomed to the weather by now, so he had no problems with it. What he did have a problem with, however, was ascending the mountain. Without being an expert climber, the only way to get so far up Mount Ivory was to use the aerial tramway - and that made you feel as safe as a glass house throwing stones should feel. It didn't help that the rusty old thing would creak and moan all the way up or down the mountain. Levin reconciled himself with the fact that he didn't have this eerie flight all to himself - it seemed that he wasn't the only one taking an interest in proceedings.

"What an odd sort of crowd this is." he murmured, raising his voice to try and get the attention of at least one of them. Conversation would help distract him from the creaking tramway. "You all look like you came from some travelling circus."
Nazra had been gazing dreamily through the tram window, imagining herself skiing down every slope and performing the most physics-defying stunts. She turned at the comment, snorted at the appearance of the speaker, and replied. "Speak for yourself, pipe boy. You look like that silly detective character from like the 40s. Whats his name? Sherlock Gnomes?"
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