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Full Version: What is your favorite browser to use?
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For me its always been Opera. How about you?
Safari and Chrome

Deleted User 8

Mozilla Firefox, and have been using it since 2006. Wouldn't use anything else.
WHAT?! Internet Explorer 6 is the BEST, and I would NEVER use anything else!!!!

Nah, I've been using Chrome since 2009. Tried a few others, but simply haven't had any reason to change.
I use Firefox, chrome, and edge. Firefox is my go-to although.
On my iPad and another tablet, the browser called Brave is excellent. It has a built in ad blocker. Not only that, sites run faster on it, than they did before.
I use Firefox on computers. I don't mind Chrome though. I use Safari on my phone as it's the default.
Got about 15 on my computer. Use firefox the most.

Recently came across one called 'Light' it's pretty nifty.
Typically Chrome. I would use Firefox and later IE for my retro gaming, but it was taking up too much of my time. :P
Used to be Firefox. Chrome now.
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