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Full Version: Another Childhood
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This takes place in another timeline of the Asleep universe. It's sort of an what if one. In it instead of Kyle being put to sleep for five years his father Tom succeeds in sending him over to New Atlantis to live with Nesto and his family.

At the start of this role Play Kyle has just arrived there.

Name: Kyle Lennart
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Weapons: N/A
Powers: Earth magic
Appearance: Kyle is a little tall for his age. He has short brown hair and blue eyes.
Personality: Kyle is rather spoiled and always wants his way since he's so used to having it. He's also a big flirt when it comes to girls. But he does have a sensitive side.
History: Kyle is prince of Lennart kingdom and next in line for the throne. For years his mother abused him mentally and physically. Finally his father figured it out and sent hr away. Ever since he spoiled Kyle trying to make it up to him, and thus Kyle has turned into a spoiled brat. His father tied to fix it, but wasn't having much luck. He decided to send Kyle to his best friend, and Kyle's godfather Nestor. Partly due to Kyle's problems and because of issues in the castle... 

And since its been going on a while we'll keep it private!

megan Wrote:Kyle was still paying through his journal frowning st most of its contents. He blinked hearing the knock. Sighing he got up opening the door.

“Um, yes please.” Cassandra said with a nod. “You can carry Alaina...” she said before grabbing Nestor by the tail and started to drag him.

kyng Wrote:"Certainly!" Rommel responded enthusiastically, as he scooped Aliana up off the floor, and carried her to the hospital in his arms. On this short journey, she didn't stir at all: her tail swung lightly a couple of times, but that was the only sign of life she showed. 

However, the same could not be said of Nestor when he arrived a couple of minutes later.

"GET OFF!" he cried frantically, as he tugged at Cassandra's arm, flailing around in a desperate bid to break free.

megan Wrote:"Stop it Nestor! I'm helping you you moron!" Cassandra snapped trying hard to keep her grip on her husband. "Don't make me get out my avocado!"
This unwelcome reminder sent Nestor into a fit of panic. Without warning, his tail swung around, and clattered into the bed on which Aliana had been lying peacefully. This startled her, and caused her to tumble off the end, and slam into Cassandra's left side, knocking her onto the floor as well. 

A few seconds later, Anastasia returned, to the sight of three merfolk lying awkwardly in the middle of the room, struggling to untie their tails from one another's bodies.
"What happened here?" Anastasia questioned staring at this scene. She was desperately trying to keep a straight face, and not burst out laughing at them all. "I...I assume Nestor's doing?"
"YES!" Aliana and Cassandra wailed in unison, not even trying to hide the pain in their voices. 

"NO....." Nestor groaned, as he tried to take another swing at his wife, only to find himself too badly entangled. "It's her fault....she....threatened....the avocado...."

"It was your fault!" Aliana cried indignantly. "Lydia's not here....she won't save you now!"
Anastasia just shook her head. "Its most likely Nestor's fault anyway..." she said as she bent down to try to untangle the poor mer-folk.
"NO :O !" Nestor protested, as he pointed at his disgusted wife. "It's her fault! She shouldn't have threatened me with the avocado!"

"Here, let me take care of this," Aliana requested, before shrinking her father, which allowed her to untangle herself from Cassandra quite easily.
Anastasia sighed. "You need to be more careful, Nestor." She said shaking her head.

Kyle meanwhile had finished with reading his journal and was sitting thinking. After a while he got up exiting his room. It took him a bit of wandering but he finally found the entrance to the castle and headed for it, intending to go outside.
"Well, how about you tell her to stop threatening me with an avocado?!" Nestor whined, as he whipped the fruit right out of his wife's hand. "Here, take THIS!"

Nestor swung his arm in Anastasia's direction, intending to land the avocado in her mouth - but, of course, he missed by at least a metre. Then, the fruit fell right out of his grip, and bounced along the floor all the way to the other end of the room.

Unfortunately for Kyle, one of the fairy guards spotted that he was attempting to leave the castle - and projected a force field in his path, to block him from leaving. 

"No, you're to stay inside," she ordered calmly. "For your own protection."
Anastasia simply shook her head “Well you all seem maybe you should take this somewhere else.”

Kyle frowned at this. “I want to go outside. He said firmly.
"Oh, fine!" Nestor grumbled, as he grabbed Cassandra's arm, and dragged her out of the room without giving her a chance to retrieve her avocado. Fortunately for her, Aliana stayed in the hospital after her parents left, and then hopped across the room to pick it up before following them. She then waited in her parents' room until Nestor left to return to his duties - and, once he had gone, she handed the avocado back to its rightful owner. 

"Very well," the guard agreed reluctantly, "under one condition. You must be protected by one of us at all times."