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Full Version: When they were young
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Yeah, lame name I know. XD 

Anyway! This role play (CJ's orginal idea that we both tried to develop! Yay team work!) takes place 35 years before Asleep. Mostly about the fun times shared Nestor and Tom (Kyle's dad).

There is a rumor of some great power of old hidden in the land, but no one knows where it is. It could be anywhere! Many adventurers, treasure hunters, almost anyone has at one point tried to find it, but had failed.

Nestor and Tom, good friends on a whim decide they want to try their own luck at finding it. So they set out for clues to this power!


Name: Thomas Lennart 
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Weapons: Sword
Powers: Unknown
Appearance: Thomas is tall with short brown hair, blue eyes, and is rather handsome. He usually dresses in green, along with some thin armor.
History: Thomas or Tom as he prefers, is prince of Lennart kingdom. He's part of a rather old royal family. He practically grew up with Nestor what with their families being allies and such. He's never been particularly strong, and has always been a bit frail, but wants to change that by finding that power. 

And since this role play has been going on for a while we'll keep it private!

megan Wrote:“Stop being stupid!” Diane snapped smacking Nestor.

A little further ahead of the group Tom was continuing up the mountain...well, till he tripped and fell with a yelp.

kyng Wrote:Alexis hard the faint echo of a cry for help in the distance. 

"Do you reckon that's Tom?" Alexis theorised. "Even if it isn't, we probably ought to rescue them. They might need our help!"

The group then dashed off up the stairs as rapidly as they were able. Nestor looked rather miffed, given the contrast between Diane's and Floria's enthusiasm to assist here, and their reluctance to help him out during his own time of need.

megan Wrote:Further up ahead there was a body laying in the pathway up the mountain. It was Tom! It wasn't certain what had exactly happened but he had passed out regardless.
Nestor grinned unsympathetically at the sight of his fallen friend. 

"Hey, it's Waa Waa :D !" he exclaimed gleefully, as he nudged Tom firmly with his tail fin. "Do you reckon he's dead?" 

He then turned awkwardly towards Floria, and began licking his lips in anticipation. "If he really is dead," Nestor thought to himself, "you're gonna have to date me instead.... :hehe: "
Diane rolled her eyes. "Stop being a jerk!" she snapped shoving Nestor before going to Tom. She shoved him lightly. "Tom?"
Nestor was so startled that he collapsed onto the rocky ground below - and began rolling in the direction of another ravine. As he reached the precipice, he knew he had to act fast - so he grabbed hold of Floria's legs, and lurched forwards. This saved him from another tumble down the mountain - but at the cost of pulling the elf over, and dragging her onto the floor as well. 

"Hey :D !" Nestor smiled gleefully, staring into Floria's eyes. "You want a kiss?"
“No!” Fiona cried shoving Nestor away from her. “You’re such a freak.”

Just then there was a soft groan as Tom finally came to.
"Awww, you're not dead :( !" Nestor whinged, as he climbed up off the floor. "And I thought I was gonna get Floria!"

Alexis turned around, removed his glasses and glared at Nestor. Even he, with his famously cool demeanour, was reaching the end of his tether with Nestor's tomfoolery.
Tom rolled his eyes. “No woman would ever want you.” He said as he slowly got up.

Floria rolled her eyes. “That would never happen!”
"Oh, they will Smirk ," Nestor countered. "I'm sure I'll find someone who enjoys my jokes!"

"Look, can we please just stop this silly argument?" Alexis grumbled. "You were coming here to do something, Tom....what was it? And now that we're all here, why don't we do it together?"
Tom rolled his eyes crossing his arms. "What do any of you care? You all wanted nothing to do with this." he said looking irritated.
"Hey, Waa Waa! That's not what we said!" Nestor yelled, crossing his arms. "We were perfectly happy to join you on this - but we wanted to plan it out! The only reason why we didn't join you was because we could tell that you didn't have a plan! And, considering you'd probably be dead if we hadn't come to rescue you, I think we've been proven right!"