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The day is 11th November 1938.

As evening approaches, the sun sets, bringing the curtain down on what has been an unusually warm day in southern England. Against this backdrop, people across the length and breath of the country were celebrating the 20th anniversary of the armistice which ended the Great War. However, the jubilant mood was tinged with a deep-seated anxiety and fear that the peace was not to last. Under the authoritarian leadership of Adolf Hitler, a resurgent Germany was already expanding its borders across Europe. In March, Germany swallowed Austria in an event known as the Anschluss - and, at the end of September, the German-speaking parts of Czechoslovakia had followed, under the terms of the Munich Agreement. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain had returned home from the meeting which led to the agreement, triumphantly declaring "Peace in our time". However, nobody truly believed him: Germany was clearly agitating the rest of the great powers, and a second Great War was certainly inevitable. 

Or was it? 

A secret society based in Christ Church College, Oxford, thought otherwise.

Over the past two years, the students had spent what little spare time they had researching tirelessly in the library, to discover information on a series of ancient, long-lost artefacts from pre-Columbian America. After an exhaustive and painstaking analysis, they concluded that these were buried in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico, some 10 miles east of the pyramid of Chichen Itza. So, the previous summer, three members of the society made a special voyage across the Atlantic (funded by the same wealthy parents who had paid for their positions at Oxford University to begin with), in order to uncover these lost artefacts. Alas, the treasures were protected by a series of ancient spells - and, sadly, none of the students returned home alive. However, the authorities who recovered the bodies were then able to collect four of the rings, so that they could be sent to the students' friends back to England.

Now that the remaining society members were in possession of the golden rings, they began to examine them, in order to learn more about the nature of their powers. Each one was embellished with a gemstone in the shape of a certain animal: all of the gemstones were different, as were all of the animals. It was theorised that each animal corresponded to a certain power, ascribed to them by the little-known ancient culture which created them. The first one they studied was the one which featured a ruby-red butterfly. This intrigued them greatly - for it possessed a power which they reckoned would be pertinent to resolving their current political predicament. It was known that the weather was inherently unstable: a butterfly flapping its wings on one side of the world could, eventually, have a great influence on weather phenomena on the other side of the world. This ring, it was believed, could control the wing motions of butterflies: it would channel the user's thoughts and desires, and exploit the 'Butterfly Effect' to convert them into reality. 

Of course, this ring had its limitations. First of all, while it would aim to bring about any wish which the user might make, there was no timescale involved: it could take days, months, or even years. Secondly, the ring could only handle one wish at a time: if the user made a second wish, then their first wish was cancelled. Finally, if a user made an impossible wish, then the ring would do nothing at all: it wouldn't even alert them to the impossibility of their wish, so they would simply have to wait and see whether or not their wish was granted - which, of course, could potentially mean waiting for months to see whether or not the wish would be successful. Would it be enough?

To join this RPG as one of the students, fill out the following: 

Name: Felix Hamilton
Gender*: Male
Age (Must be between 18 and 21): 20
Physical description: Felix pays a great deal of attention to his physical appearance: he wishes to appear smart, but rebellious. He has a healthy figure which is neither overweight nor underweight, brown eyes, and neatly-trimmed, jet-black hair with a distinctive quiff. He detests academic dress, and is instead normally seen in his trademark black tweed jacket and red and white striped tie.   
Personality: Is very confident and cocky, and stubbornly stands up for his beliefs. Furthermore, he expects others to do the same: he has very left-wing political views and thus hates any kind of authority figure. However, he does have a strong caring side: he's well aware that the vast majority of people weren't born into a position nearly as privileged as himself, and he makes sure to do charitable work wherever he can. (Notably, he didn't go on the expedition to Mexico because he donated his share of the money to charity instead of purchasing a boat ticket!)
Ring Gem: Ruby
Ring Animal: Butterfly
Ring Power: Can control butterfly's wings, utilising the butterfly effect to convert the owner's wishes in reality.

* - Christ Church College was all-male until 1980; however, the secret society admits women from other colleges. It's not part of the college; it's only based there.

We'll begin either in a week's time, or when we have four sign-ups (whichever is sooner).

Enjoy :) !
Using a character from one of my old stories. :P 

Name: Lola Weir
Gender: Female
Age (Must be between 18 and 21): 18
College: St Hilda's
Physical description: Short, blonde girl. Always wears a flat cap and a scarf, because she gets cold easily. She always wears one of a variety of different dresses - all made by her mother. She enjoys her chances to dress up with the academic garb, though.
Personality: Lola is very sarcastic, and thinks she's smarter than she actually is. She doesn't value or trust people very much - indeed, her only reason for being a part of the society is because she doesn't trust them to accomplish their goals. She's a completely different person with people outside her age group though - she loves talking to old folk about myths and legends, and loves playing with kids as she can be immature around them. Her attempts to cover over her Scottish accent occasionally fail.
Ring Gem: Whitby Jet
Ring Animal: Bat
Ring Power: Can use echolocation and tap into any and all frequencies, thus hearing the sound being transmitted.
Accepted :) !

4 days left for people to sign up.
OOC: Okay, it's time I started this :P

BIC: Felix yawned deeply, as he stretched and climbed out of the rusty iron bed in the corner of his dark, dingy dormitory. He slowly paced across the room, over the creaking floorboards which could barely support his weight. The scouts who cleaned his room always complained about these - and, further, about the discoloured ceiling and the drab, peeling wallpaper. However, Felix himself simply dismissed these complaints without a second thought: there were dozens of paupers and beggars hanging onto life, without any room to stay in at all - so, until they were all off the streets and adequately-fed, the state of his room should be the least of anybody's worries. 

However, even Felix had his limits. He realised that it wasn't socially acceptable to leave his room in his ripped pyjamas, and he'd need to do something about his untidy, dishevelled hair. Consequently, he changed into his beloved tweed jackets, and then spent ten minutes combing his hair, to restore the distinctive quiff that everyone knew and loved. 

Once Felix was finished, he began admiring himself in his broken and tarnished mirror - but soon, he was jolted back to reality by a faint clicking sound from the far corner of his room, opposite his bed. It was his cuckoo clock - or, at least, what was left of it, since the chirping cuckoo had long since fallen out and never been replaced. He gasped as he looked up at the clock face: he was due to meet for breakfast at 7:55am, but it was already 8:00am!

He couldn't afford to disgrace himself by showing up late - or, worse, failing to show up at all. How could he get himself out of this predicament?
Lola had been up since 6:00am on the dot. She'd sorted her own breakfast - some porridge oats her parents had packed her off with - and had spent the early hours trying some new routes from St Hilda's to Christ Church. A quick visit to the Bodleian to check out a book later, and she was off to find something else to do. How boring of everyone to wait so long to get up. What was she supposed to do - study? Honestly, the nerve of some people.

She eventually resorted to kicking pebbles close to the Christ Church entrance. Boring, boring, boring.
As Felix was about to leave the room, he gazed at his golden ring, adorned with a ruby butterfly, which glistened and glimmered in what little sunlight was streaming into his dark, cold room. Suddenly, he remembered that he might be able to take advantage of the 'butterfly effect' powers which he had recently discovered. He wasn't sure how many butterflies there were in Oxford - nor did he know what changes they could bring about at such short notice - but, nevertheless, he thought it was worth a try. 

"I'm late for Hall. I need to get in without being spotted," he whispered into the butterfly, before tapping it with his right index finger to confirm the command. 

The ring didn't project a ray of light, produce a ringing noise, or react in any other way: it was completely inert. So, Felix simply had to trust that it had heard him, and began to dash down the worn stone stairs, hoping that he could avoid a troublesome start to the day.
Lola's pebble-kicking had brought her inside Christ Church. She could see that the place had started to come to life - students were getting up and heading to the Hall for their own breakfast. The university wasn't just full of stone statues, after all.

She saw Felix heading towards the Hall. He was in such a rush and looked a little dishevelled - probably overslept or something. He didn't even seem to notice her! What an idiot!! She stamped her foot on the ground in annoyance.

"Still" she thought, a smirk appearing on her face "Perhaps I can eavesdrop on him and others from the society as they have breakfast." She went round the back of the Hall and put her ear next to a wall. Lola was one of the few members of the society who didn't attend Christ Church, and she certainly didn't want to be left out of any 'fun'.

"Okay, bat, see if you can find out what they're saying."

OOC: I don't really know the timings for stuff at Oxford University, so if I get anything wrong, please do feel free to correct me! :)
OOC: Don't worry: if there are any inaccuracies, then we'll just say things were different in 1938. (Yes, I know: I did look up weather reports from 1938 in order to get the opening part of my post right, but I'm not going to do that on a routine basis :lol: !)

BIC: Unfortunately for Lola, her seemingly-quiet whispers to herself had echoed and reverberated around the hall. This piqued the curiosity of some students in the room - and earned her the scorn and derision of others. Some students were focusing intently on Lola, eager to find out more, while others simply glared and sneered at her - but, the main point was, everybody was looking at her. Consequently, nobody was looking at the door - which, much to the relief of Felix, allowed him to slip into the hall completely unnoticed.

He grabbed a rack of fresh brown toast, and carried it off to an empty seat at the end of one of the lengthy wooden tables. Once there, he took two slices, buttered them, and set them down on his plate, next to his bacon and eggs.
No sooner had the noise been set off, that Lola attempted to make herself scarce.

"You moron!" she exclaimed to the bat, before realising she was pointing out across the Hall. Well, it was already a spectacle. Might as well make the most of it. She noticed Felix had crept in unnoticed, which only incensed her even more. She jolted towards him and shoved his face into the plate he was eating from.

She then proceeded to saunter out of the Hall with a smirk on her face, with utter silence surrounding her.
"HEY!" Felix cried in disgust, as he brushed the fried egg off his forehead. "You ruined my breakfast! And you ruined my hair! I'll get you for that!"

He began to get up - but, Lola had already disappeared from view, and in any case, he didn't want to abandon what was left of his breakfast. So, he reluctantly opted to stay put, and take a bite out of one of his slices of toast. The fresh, crunchy taste of the buttered bread helped to raise his spirits; however, the fact that he'd just been embarrassed in front of the entire college was still nagging away at his mind. So too was the fact that his ruby butterfly - which his dear friends had given their lives to bring back from Mexico - had been hopelessly ineffective. Surely, they couldn't have sacrificed themselves for nothing? 

So, he decided to give the butterfly another go.

"Lola just embarrassed me. I want revenge."
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