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Full Version: "Happy Birthdays" --> "Birthdays and Celebrations"?
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Just a minor suggestion here to tweak the forum layout. 

I recommend that we re-name "Happy Birthdays" to "Birthdays and Celebrations". This would broaden the scope of that forum a bit, so that it would cover not just birthdays, but also threads to commemorate festivals such as Christmas and Easter. Right now, these are posted in General Chat, where they just get buried and don't get much attention. Many people don't even see them, and one consequence of this was that, a couple of weeks ago, we ended up with two 'Happy Thanksgiving' threads: one in General Chat and one in the Announcements. It'd probably make more sense to have all of these 'celebrations' together. 

So, what do you think?
I don't see why not. Go right ahead :)
Sounds like a nice idea, yes :)
Yeah, sounds like it would make a lot more sense.
Have a great birthday!
This is a great idea. I never really thought about how we should have moved the happy/merry X threads into their own forum for some reason. :thinking: This will make things much more organized so I'm all for it. :P
(12-09-2018, 05:20 PM)deyana Wrote: [ -> ]Have a great birthday!

Thanks, I guess, but my birthday isn't for another 10 months :P . This is an idea about the 'Happy Birthdays' board, not a celebration of anybody's birthday!
Makes perfect sense to me!
Since this has received overwhelming support, I'll go ahead with it :)

Thanks for the responses!