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Yorko Here  8D

Nice to be here and looking forward to getting to know you all

I will need to familiarise myself with the way it all works here. This set up is new to me but Im sure I will soon find my way around
Welcome to The Coffee House, Yorko! I hope you enjoy this place :D

It's not too different from most boards, so I don't expect you'll have too much trouble figuring it out - but, if you do have any questions, then either I or another staff member will be happy to answer them :) .
Thanks Kyng

I will soon get my bearings
Welcome aboard!
Many thanks Dust Bowl

Deleted User 8

I recognise that name from somewhere... dunno if you'd recall me though, yeah. Welcome anyway :)
Hi BrynStevens

Not sure our paths have crossed before, thanks for the welcome though

Deleted User 8

Actually, we have. I first saw you at TT's forum where I think I used the same username there. Or, was it "Bry89" I came as? I dunno :P
Now I do remember Bry89

Mystery solved  :D
Welcome to TCH!
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