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Full Version: EU could require scanning encrypted messages
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The European Union is getting closer to passing new rules that would mandate the bulk scanning of digital messages — including encrypted ones. On Thursday, EU governments will adopt a position on the proposed legislation, which is aimed at detecting child sexual abuse material (CSAM). The vote will determine whether the proposal has enough support to move forward in the EU’s law-making process.

The law, first introduced in 2022, would implement an “upload moderation” system that scans all your digital messages, including shared images, videos, and links. Each service required to install this “vetted” monitoring technology must also ask permission to scan your messages. If you don’t agree, you won’t be able to share images or URLs.

Yeah, this sounds like it'd essentially defeat the point of encryption. Obviously, child sex abuse is dreadful, and robust efforts to combat it are required - but at the same time, privacy is a fundamental right (especially for vulnerable people who do have things to hide from oppressive governments).

When something like this was proposed in the UK's Online Safety Bill, WhatsApp threatened to quit - so, it'll be interesting to see whether they're willing to leave the entire EU over this, should it come to that.
Well... then what's to stop them from labelling me a terrorist for uploading a meme involving violence or blowing off steam by saying something like "maaan, I would love to blow up the Eiffel Tower" for example.

This could be useful... but these kinds of blank checks rarely are. Just look at the US and how much their surveillance has failed to stop local threats and other illegal activities.
The EU consists of many more countries than the UK so no doubt WhatsApp availability will cease in the EU :P

Also won’t this involve introducing backdoors, opening up themselves to attacks by malicious actors? -_-