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Full Version: Ultimate fantasy human vs 100 Random guys with improvised weapons
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Ultimate fantasy human:
Mass: 635 kg
Height: 15.42 m
Can run 560 km without rest
Top running speed: 13 m/sec
Longest jump: 10 m
Top vertical jump: 2 m
Can lift twice the mass
Visual acuity: 6/1.5
Super smart
High creativity
Random guys with improvised weapons
[Image: 800px-Protest_0112.JPG]
Everyday people, just living their everyday lives. Only extreme circumstances like war will get them raring to go.
IMO, the random guys win this easily.

The Ultimate Fantasy Human weighs 635kg, whereas the 100 random guys combine to at least 10 times that (probably more). And I know it's silly to judge battles purely by weight... but, the 100 guys can also work together to outmanoeuvre the Ultimate Fantasy Human. I know they're not led by a strategic genius, but even mediocre teamwork should be enough here: they could just swarm their rival :lol: !

Not to mention, improvised weapons are still better than no weapons, which is what the Ultimate Fantasy Human has :P .
Sure but it would be a fool’s errand to smack a giant with a frying pan.
(10-30-2023, 08:41 PM)JHG Wrote: [ -> ]Sure but it would be a fool’s errand to smack a giant with a frying pan.

One frying pan, perhaps - but 100 frying pans or similar :P ?
The random guys may suffer friendly fire if they use ranged weapons like paintball guns, baseballs, rocks, or other projectiles.
Also, the Ultimate fantasy human can step on its opponents.