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Full Version: Hongi Hika vs George Washington army battle
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George Washington
[Image: 5005hpr_4bc236a3ba5361c-1200x1866.jpg]The first POTUS made for a Continental commander who went up against impossible odds.
Abilities: >average physical abilities, charisma, persistence, HUGE bank account, good horseback riding, good swordsman.
Hongi Hika
[Image: Hongi_Hika.jpg]
This fearsome raider of his homeland of Aotearoa was an early user of firearms. Take that colonizers!
Abilities: >average physical abilities(particularly strength), charisma, marksmanship, Māori martial arts.

Both command an army of 10,000 each.
Well, it's hard to imagine Washington's bank account being of much use - since, he has nobody to buy weapons or equipment from :lol: .

The horseback riding, on the other hand, would actually be useful. Assuming this is in a flat Standard Battle Arena (because it hasn't been stated otherwise), having horses would be a major advantage. On that basis, I think I'll give this to Washington and his men.

(I imagine the Māori warriors would score pretty well on shock and awe, though :) !)
I think not; Hongi Hika is a more accomplished commander with battle hardened, disciplined, and loyal Māori rather than fickle militia. Plus, volley fire is capable of countering cavalry charges combined with bayonets.
Washington's record is way worse than one might think; For every success like Trenton, there was at least one serious egg on Washington's record like Brandywine aka Washington's wake up call. His lack of military experience shows; His largest command was regiment level in the Seven Years War. 
Hongi Hika? This guy was a military mastermind in a warrior culture. Also, given poor morale of the Minutemen, the Maori could frighten them with a haka war chant.