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[Image: IRUTFLz.png] SNAKES OF THE SEAS [Image: IRUTFLz.png]

Quite a lot of my RPGs have been based in the Asleep Universe - which is populated by a wide variety of races; for example, dwarfs, elves, merfolk and dragons. However, off the coast of the main continent, there exists another: the Serpentine creatures of the Sigmate Islands. Life is tough here: there aren't many resources of which to speak, and so the Serpentines instead make a living by turning to piracy - raiding and plundering resources from any cargo ships foolish enough to venture into their territorial waters.

Now, since I haven't yet done a full profile for the Sigmate Islands (and they're so isolated from the rest of the universe anyway), there's no prior knowledge required for this RPG: if I want to bring in any established characters, I'll make sure to re-introduce them well enough :P . For now, the main thing to know about Serpentine society is that it's divided into four castes, as follows:

  • Dozasshi (Leaders) - The smallest and highest-ranking caste; this includes rulers, generals, adminstrators, and anyone in a leadership position.
  • Ezusshsi (Fighters) - Includes anyone who uses melee weapons in combat (usually poison-tipped swords, spears, or clubs).
  • Shsigazzhi (Hunters) - Includes anybody who uses ranged weapons in combat (usually nets, javelins, or throwing knives). In addition to fighting, they are responsible for hunting for food.
  • Ogdosshi (Support) - The largest and lowest-ranking caste; this includes anybody not in a leadership or combat role (e.g. doctors, builders, merchants).

So, to join this RPG, simply fill out the following form (no 'Race' field this time because everyone's a Serpentine here :lol: ):

Name: Zasshazha (Zas for short)
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Caste: Shsigazzhi (Hunter)
Physical description: A smaller-than-average Serpentine, who desperately wanted to be an Ezusshso, but didn't quite have the body for it, so he had to settle for becoming a Shsigazzho instead. Nevertheless, his row of maroon-tipped spines down his back make him one of the more intimidating Shsigazzhi out there!
Personality: A very confident and excitable Serpentine, whose impetuousness often gets him into trouble. As a result, he hasn't actually been allowed to go out on a raid yet - although, he is desperate to go on his first one!

We'll start either in a week's time, or when we have four people (whichever comes first). Have fun :) !
Name: Alizzenagi (Nagi for short)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Caste: Ogdosshi (Support)
Physical description: Nagi is rather tiny. Her skin, while mostly green, has a purple tinge to it. She wears a medallion embossed with the image of an eye around her neck. Her forked tongue is blue in colour.
Personality: Nagi has a surprisingly cheerful disposition, and largely turns a blind eye to the piracy that goes on, rather seeing herself as a doctor for those who are ill. She likes to tease the higher classes when they come to her for help, often sticking out her tongue at them. What she lacks in stature she makes up for with her healing skills. She's always there during raids to patch up all the wounded pirates, but if it comes to it, she has a small dagger that will save her in a pinch.
OOC: Accepted!

And nice idea having a short form of the name too. My character will be called 'Zas' for short, since I don't really want to have to type out 'Zasshazha' every time :lol: .
OOC: Still one day until we're due to begin, but I should make one note regarding my new Sigmate Islands realm profile.

That profile states that the current King of Sigmate Islands is Sshigashso LXII. However, that is as of the year 56 AGE; this RPG is set in 35 AGE, when he hasn't even been born yet :lol: . The King in 35 AGE is currently unnamed, but I'll name him if I ever need to.

(Of course, we may very well go through multiple rulers here, because rulers of the Sigmate Islands tend to get overthrown constantly - hence why the regnal number is so high Rofl )
I’m gonna join. Just hadn’t had time to write out a profile. I’ll try to do that today or tomorrow.
Sounds good :) . In that case, I'll wait for you to post your profile before starting!
Name: Fay
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Caste: Dozasshi (Leaders)
Physical description: A little smaller than most Serpentine.
Personality: Unlike most Serpentines he isn’t so quick to anger or fight. Actually isn’t a big fan of violence. Also tends to be a bit more quiet.

Okay half assed, but something.
Accepted :) !

I'll start this tomorrow.
OOC: Time to make a start on this :) .

BIC: After a productive day of work, in which he three sacks of fish, Zas returned to his cave. Although it was bare and featureless, it was quite cosy by Shsigazzhi standards: there was a bed of tide-rounded rocks for sleeping, and a pool of fresh water in the corner used for washing. Then, taking pride of place against the rear-most wall was his weapon rack, containing his five bone spears; half a dozen nets; and at least thirty javelins.

Zas pulled out his flint knife, and began carefully scraping the arrowhead of one of his spears, in order to sharpen it. However, he then heard another Serpentine slithering down the tunnels outside his door...

"That might be Fay," he thought to himself. "I'd best hide this... she doesn't approve of violence :-/ ..."
“What are you doing?” Fay asked as he popped his head into the cave. He spotted the weapons frowning.
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