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Full Version: Frederick the Great vs George Washington army fight
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Frederick the Great
[Image: GettyImages-107875796-5aba76ac18ba010037a78f8f.jpg]One of the Enlightened despots, this Prussian king was the most important servant to his state.
Abilities: >average physical abilities, intellect, excellent musical abilities, charisma, good marksman, good horseback riding, good swordsman.
George Washington
[Image: oil-George-Washington-canvas-Gilbert-Stu...ington.jpg]The first POTUS made for a Continental commander who went up against impossible odds.
Abilities >average physical abilities, charisma, persistence, HUGE bank account, good horseback riding, good swordsman.

Their armies meet in a field in Tennessee. Both have 5,000 soldiers(one quarter being cavalry) and 3 cannons.
Frederick the Great takes it; He’s got more field experience and is a far better tactician with far better and more reliable men. Washington’s record was actually pretty poor and the Continental Army suffered desertion.
Frederick the Great takes it.
Yeah, I'll go with Frederick here, unless he decides to spend all his time playing music instead of actually leading his troops :lol: !
I'm not sure that'll harm his battle performance; Frederick composed marching music.
Either way, this is one where they have similar if not identical weaponry and it's the men behind the weapons and Frederick the Great is the clear winner. The Father of America was forced to rely on fickle, poor quality Minutemen while the mighty King of Battle had trained, loyal, and disciplined Prussian soldiers. Before anyone brings up Trenton, remember Georgie Porgie's forces had to endure heavy sleet on the way and took the Hessians by surprise PRECISELY because he knew he couldn't defeat Johann Rall and those formidable Hessians in a fair fight.