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Full Version: POLL - Most Interesting Animal Fact Contest
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Our "Most Interesting Animal Fact You Know" Contest has just closed. We got five entries in all, submitted by four different people... so, I have chosen my favourite entry by each person, and put them into a poll!

Simply vote for up to two of your favourite entries, and do not vote for your own. The poll will run for three days, after which the winner will receive 500 Coffee Credits - and, if they win by at least two votes, a Rosettegreen2 Green Ribbon!

Good luck, everybody :D .
I already knew half of these but it's still cool!
Voted :)
Voting is over - and the results are:

1st place (+ Rosettegreen2 Green Ribbon): (5 votes)
=2nd place: (2 votes)
=2nd place: (2 votes)

Congrats to JHG on winning the contest and the ribbon - and thanks for entering and voting, to everyone who did :) !