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Full Version: Erin and Friends
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Erin the ballerina hangs out with friends at the park after her ballet class. One mysterious guy stalking her has a secret nefarious purpose(This mystery guy is pure NPC.)
Anyone who wants to join fills out the following form:

This RPG begins in a week or when at least three people join.
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Erin skipped through the field with her hair flipping in the breeze. “I love my life. Now why don’t I try a pirouette?” She spun gracefully. “Not dizzy at all!” she thought.
Name: Thomas
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Personality: A cheerful and confident young man, who always enjoys spending time around his friends. He's of above-average intelligence; however, he doesn't enjoy school work, and therefore doesn't put much effort in and gets mediocre grades.
Backstory: One of Erin's dance partners, and also her oldest friend, who has known her since she was 5 years old. They were frequently teased over it in primary school (because they were one of the very few boy/girl friendships) and in high school (because people thought they were a romantic couple; in truth, this would never happen, because Thomas is asexual). Nevertheless, they've stuck with each other through thick and thin.

(For reference on Thomas's physical appearance: I imagine him to look like the vault boy from Fallout, but with brown hair)
OOC: Accepted :) !
OOC: I guess I should just start now :P .

BIC: Thomas happened to be observing the field the top of the hill - taking in the cool morning breeze. His eyes caught a small figure dancing gracefully through the field, like a pin prick against a lush backdrop of green grass.

Knowing immediately who it was, he darted down to meet his long-time friend.

"Morning, Erin! How you doing?"
“It’s nice to see you Thomas!” replied Erin. “Who would think there’d be sun for the whole week? Maybe Fenrir had a hairball!”
"Hah, maybe!" Thomas chuckled. "And speaking of a ball... have you remembered there's a dance this evening? Perhaps we ought to go through our routine again... get a bit of last-minute practice in!"
"Sure will! I've got time!" replied Erin. Inside she thought "Ha! You couldn't pass Norse Saga class without my tutelage!" She assumed a pose and extended her hand as if to say "Take me; I'm yours!"
Thomas smiled, and dutifully took Erin's hand. He then began prancing gracefully around the field, in a figure-of-eight pattern, with Erin following loyally by his side.

After a couple of minutes, he stopped, and turned to Erin. "Now let's see what you can do :) !"