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Full Version: Humans and Dragons...
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Takes place in a fantasy type world that has some technology as well.

Humans (and in this I'm including other human like races like elves and dwarves) and dragons have been enemies for what seems like forever. In recent years there was an attempt to come to terms with each other. This attempt was forged by the marriage of a human and dragon (dragon's can take human form). All was well for several years, until the human was suddenly killed by the dragon. Now, war has started again between the two races...


Name: Kyle Lennart
Race: Half human, half dragon
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Weapons: Knifes
Powers: Fire magic, and can transform into a dragon
Appearance: [attachment=28]
History: Kyle is prince of the main dragon kingdom, Lennart. His father is the one that was wed to a human, his mother. Ever since witnessing his mother's death by his father's hands Kyle has hated dragons and ran away. However, his dragon powers have been slowly coming out, and he's having trouble keeping them in check which isn't good since most people hate dragons like he does.
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Name: Vluin of Hjottttor
Race: Human, with dragon blood
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Weapons: Two-handed axe, hunting bow
Powers: Is able to shoot ice and sparks using magic. Also has limited healing powers.
Appearance: Wears a solid set of steel armour. Few people know exactly what he looks like underneath it. 
History: Little is known about Vluin of Hjottttor's past - apart from the fact that his name was bestowed upon him by a drunken comrade, after he came out on top during a bar brawl.
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I totally forgot to start this! XD Anyway, starting now!

Kyle had just entered a small village, and already was regretting it. These days he got so nervous around other people. Mostly since if any of them knew what he was they'd turn on him in a second. He sighed taking a deep breath trying to keep himself calm. 

Okay...just gotta get some supplies, then I can be a adorable hermit again and not have to see anyone for a long time again.. he thought to himself as he trudged through the village.
Vluin of Hjottttor grinned as he strode down the busy streets in his horned helmet and battle-scarred armour. He had his battleaxe stowed away in a sheath behind his back - but, even so, his presence clearly intimidated many a passer-by. People nervously leapt out of his way wherever he went: they knew better than to mess with an experienced war veteran. 

Today was market day - so, farmers had set up stall after stall selling ripe, succulent fruit and fresh cuts of meat. The scent of such tender, high-quality food made Vluin lick his lips out of sheer hunger; however, this wasn't what he was here for today. He was merely seeking out a grindstone on which to sharpen his trusty axe. It was usually in the corner of the street leading to the east of the market square; however, some enterprising merchant had moved it to make room for their stall. And they hadn't even bothered to tell him where it was....
Kyle was so busy trying to keep himself calm, he didn't notice Vluin of Hjottttor was right in front of him, until it was too late, and he rammed into him, which knocked Kyle down on his bottom. "S...sorry..."
Of course, since he was so mightily built, Vluin barely even flinched from the impact. He swung around and helped Kyle up from the floor - but gave him a stern, intimidating look through the holes in his dark iron helmet. 

"Never. Cross. Vluin of Hjottttor. Again. Do you understand?"
Kyle whimpered, as he started to shiver. "I...I..." he stammered, terrified. However, due to his fear he had lost his concentation on keeping himself in control, and suddenly there was no longer a young boy where he had stood, but a large, blue dragon.
All of the traders and customers immediately scattered from the scene, wailing with pure, unadulterated terror. However, Vluin stood firm and remained calm: dragons were able to smell his blood, and knew not to attack him. 

"I'm sorry," Vluin hissed, in an ancient reptilian tongue that only dragons were capable of understanding. "I didn't mean to upset you like that...."
The dragon trembled, taking a few steps back. It was obviously terrified, which was unusual for dragons.