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Full Version: Name Our Flags Contest
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Back in December 2021, we created a brand new set of flag emoticons for the board. And today, I released them for download, so they can be used by anybody :D . The only thing we still need is a proper name for this set of flags - so, make your suggestions here!

Rules are as follows: 
  • Each person may submit up to five names (but only one per person will be included in the poll);
  • All names must be 25 characters or less;
  • No copying another person's entry (or just using the same basic idea as them, with a small change);
  • Only entries posted in this thread will be counted. Entries submitted elsewhere (e.g. via PM, Discord, or Minecraft) will not count.

The contest closes on Sunday, 25th September 2022 at 11:59pm GMT. At this point, I'll select my three favourite entries, and put them into a poll. Once the poll has concluded, prizes will be as follows:

  • 1st place: 500 Coffee Credits, and the name gets used for the flags;
  • 2nd place: 250 Coffee Credits;
  • 3rd place: 100 Coffee Credits.

Good luck, everybody :) !
Java Jacks
Banner bunches
I just noticed that the closing date was listed as "8th March 2020", which was obviously left over from a previous contest :facepalm: .

So, to be clear: the real closing date is Sunday, 25th September 2022 at 11:59pm GMT. That's in three days' time :P .
Flags Flavours
The contest has closed - and, I'll pick one entry per person, and set up the poll now :) .