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Full Version: Optimal army challenge: Joke edition expansion!
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You know the rules: Pick two and the rest try to kill you. 
-20,000 chickens 
​​​​-An Acrocanthosaurus 
-300 random guys with improvised weapons
-50,000 Flobberworms
-8,000 wild turkeys
-50 US soldiers(~1840-~1880)/Lincolnites/Union soldiers 
-3 Hypacrosaurus
-1,000 Medieval foot soldiers
-3,000 Spartans 

Choose wisely!
I'll go with the Lincolnites and the Spartans. I just think that between them, they'd be the best at strategising and covering each other's weaknesses - while most of the animals (and even the random guys with improvised weapons) will probably just launch brute force attacks with no strategy behind them whatsoever :lol: .
Actually that is a good army composition. I would think the medieval foot soldiers to be superior to the Spartans and the Hypacrosaurus and Acrocanthosaurus to be too OP to deal with but pelting them with bullets work especially with US made firearms used by professional soldiers.
US soldiers combined with Spartans or Medieval foot soldiers is a great combo. The chicken and turkey army easily allows you to outnumber the enemy but they’ll take heavy casualties. The Acrocanthosaurus and Hypacrosaurus combo has the best brute force and intimidation but it only works if the enemy gets their morale broken.
One thing that hasn't been brought up is whether the different human groups would actually be able to communicate with each other? Spartans and US Lincolnites aren't likely to have a common language, which means the potential for combined strategy is decreased. Perhaps the medieval soldiers and Lincolnites would stand a better chance of communication through different forms of English? Either way, it'd be a combination of the Lincolnites and another of the human groups for me. Still think overall intelligence and the potential for strategy heavily impacts any of these fights.
The human fighters all get magic translators.
Spartans and Union soldiers is an absolute win.