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Full Version: Last achievement you earned?
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Cross-posted from the old board:

Title says all, really. Can be Steam achievements, a game's internal 'achievements' system, or anything else that calls itself an 'achievement' or serves as one :P !

For me, it was the "What could possibly go wrong?" achievement on Civilization VI. To get this, you need a city with an improved Amber resource, a Zoo, and an Archaeological Museum. (I don't see what could possibly go wrong there :lol: !)
G.I. Blues in Fallout: New Vegas.
Ice-Breaker (Awarded for saving the kingdom of Sniflheim from disaster.) in DQXI.
Six years on Steam badge, apparently.
Not since WoW. But I had 18k/25k when I retired.
Well I finally got all the ones for Final Fantasy VII on ps4.
Car Lover in Forza Horizon 2
Armor of Faith (for winning a game as Poland on Civilization VI). 

Gosh, that was nearly a week ago now :O !
For cooking 25 meals in Stardew Valley.
Brightest Star in the Sky - On Planet Coaster, for completing the 'Hard' objectives on the first level.
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