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Ever feel like switching your username? Well, this is the place to be!

There are three different types of name changes: 

  • Major name change: Any name change that doesn't fall into either the following two categories is classed as a major name change.

  • Minor name change: Changes solely to capitalisation and/or punctuation (e.g. dragonofdark -> Dragonofdark), or changes of a single character (e.g. 'Mike100' --> 'Mike101').

  • Revert to previous: If you purchase a name change and subsequently wish you hadn't, then you can have it reverted.

Pricing is as follows:

  • If you haven't changed your name within the past six months, then your next name change is free.

  • If you have changed your name within the past six months, then your next name change will be charged as follows:

    • Major name change: 500 Coffee Credits
    • Minor name change: 50 Coffee Credits
    • Revert to previous: 100 Coffee Credits

  • If you have had a major name change within the past two months, then you cannot purchase another one. However, you can still purchase a minor name change or a revert to previous.

  • Temporary name changes for contests are free, if reverted immediately after the end of the contest. However, any subsequent non-contest name changes within the next six months will be charged.

Three final notes:

  • If your proposed new username is considered similar enough to another user's name to cause confusion, then we will decline the request. (For example, we won't approve a username change to "Michael T" if there's another active user named "MichaelT")

  • Personal information (of the kind which allows the real 'you' to be identified) is no longer permitted in usernames. This means, for example, that your username may no longer include your full real name or your full date of birth (partial information, such as your first name and your year of birth, is fair game). Any name change requests which appear to contain personal information in full form will be rejected.

  • Use of this shop is a privilege, conditional on good behaviour. If you incur too many warnings, then we reserve the right to withdraw this privilege until your behaviour improves.

So, if you want your username to be changed, just make a post here telling me what you want me to change your name to - and we'll get it set up :) !
Name changes from the last six months: 

PersonaButterfly --> Shadow Seesaw (3rd January 2021)

Pinky --> Mercury (3rd January 2021)
Mercury --> Pinky (24th April 2021)

Rincewind --> Moonshroom (11th April 2021)

Christmas Queen --> queenzelda (19th May 2021)

Gamer Nerd --> NerdiestKen (2nd June 2021)
"Gaomon274 --> Aro Rouon (1st May 2018)"
I've switched back though from the contest name. :P
Can you change my username from Zach to Zachary, please?
Done :) !
Thanks Kyng!
So can I get a name change from Giratina720 to GiraKeng please?
All done :) !
Nice! Thank you!
May my name be changed to Nakago?
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