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Full Version: Characters who left too early
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Sometimes characters leave a show for a dramatic death.. or maybe the actor just wanted to move onto another project. Are there any characters that you wanted to see more of but they didn’t return?

I’ll start.

Umbrella Academy

Orange Is The New Black

Grey’s Anatomy
Star Wars (prequels)
(07-13-2022, 04:23 PM)Kyng Wrote: [ -> ]
Star Wars (prequels)

Because I count the expanded universe, Maul doesn’t count in my book. However…
Star Wars
The Last Kingdom
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
The Big Bang Theory
Star Wars:


Grey's Anatomy:

Yeah, definitely agree with your Star Wars pick... he was a favourite of mine!


Alice in Borderland
Stranger things
Death Battle totally should have Kratos return to fight someone not called Spawn this time.
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