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Full Version: Beautiful animal pics
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Another in the series of "Beautiful pics" threads, this is a cross-post from the old board:

I'll start with a series of animal silhouettes, by wildlife photographer Greg du Toit: 

[Image: LgkH3Hf.jpg]
(Click to enlarge; Source: Greg du Toit / / Below article)

You can see the rest of the set in the following link:
Rainbow Bee-eater
[Image: 600px-Rainbow_Bee-eaters_Juffs.JPG]

White-fronted Bee-eater
[Image: 600px-White-fronted_Bee-eater%2C_Merops_...117%29.jpg]
Derek Keats

Chestnut-headed Bee-eater
[Image: 600px-Chestnut-headed_Bee-eater_-_Thailand_S4E1282.jpg]
Francesco Veronesi
I love lions. They're so noble-looking :wub:
[Image: 70582731-1280px.jpg]
One for the bird-lovers. The Steller's Jay - the official provincial bird of British Columbia. Beautiful bird to look at but annoying as hell to listen to. :P
Firethroat - an oscine passerine found in Asia.
[Image: firethroat_201605_erlangshan_at_sichuan.jpg]
© Tang Jun/China Bird Tour
Lovely image :O

Now, the Royal Society of Biology has revealed the winners of its Photographer of the Year award for 2018. One of the stand-out entries was this picture of a leopard gecko, taken by 17-year-old Jack Olive, which won him the Young Photographer of the Year prize: 

[Image: cLcHTbK.jpg]

The rest of them can be found here. Some of them are pictures of plants, but there are some great animal pics in here too!
That is beautiful!! Wow. 

Here’s a similar photo of some kind of chameleon (maybe Panther?) 
[Image: DSC8868-520x520.jpg]

Wonderful photo! I love the detail on that :D

Those workshops sound rather expensive, though. For that money, they'd better be very good!
Scarlet Tanager 
[Image: scarlet-tanager-5b2a88f8a474be0037812c46.jpg]
Dan Pancamo/Flickr
Beautiful! Very striking. 

Now, the winners of the Natural History Museum's 2018 Wildlife Photographer of the Year have been announced. The overall winner was Marsel van Oosten, with his photograph named "The Golden Couple": 

[Image: sazkK03.jpg]
(Source: Marsel van Oosten / Natural History Museum)

The winning images in the other categories are all posted on the competition website:
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