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Full Version: Beautiful animal pics
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Oregon Zoo has shared some amazing X-rays of its animals, taken during health check-ups:

[Image: V0X6tmY.jpg]
(Source: Oregon Zoo / Above article)

Green Broadbill
[Image: green-broadbill-58d017f53df78c3c4f3c9b4e.jpg]
 Jason Thompson/Flickr

Bicoloured Hawk
[Image: carnivorous-bird-58a6d7923df78c345b5b5b2a.jpg]
Chris Jimenez/Flickr

Juvenile Barn Swallow
[Image: swallow-primaries-58a6cbbe3df78c345b45e987.jpg]
Alan Vernon/Flickr
Nice :D !

Now, a few posts up, I mentioned the winners of the Natural History Museum's 2018 Wildlife Photographer of the Year award. However, it turns out that they also do a "People's Choice" award, decided by a public vote. The winner was the following photograph, by David Lloyd:

[Image: meLUYyv.jpg]
(Source: David Lloyd / Natural History Museum)

You can see some of the other finalists on the following page (EXTREME CUTENESS WARNING - includes penguins):
[Image: 489623edeb57ca87d007891410137aeb.jpg](Taiwan Blue Magpie)

Deleted User 8

[Image: 14152119_f520.jpg]

I win.
This be my own photograph, actually. I've always loved it! :P 

[Image: FTIsnb8.jpg]
Lovely pics all around, although I'm not sure I'd want to be the photographer of Jarkko's pic :O !

Sadly, I haven't taken any good photographs of non-pet animals :( . Most of mine are of mountains and stuff like that!
Common Potoo, Nyctibius griseus 

[Image: large]
© Luke Seitz​​​​​​​ | Macaulay Library ML108713531
Here's a pretty striking picture of a bald eagle, taken by Canadian photographer Steve Biro:

[Image: rEf6k8q.jpg]
(Source: Steve Biro / BBC News)
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