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[Image: AlianaKyle.jpg]
(Aliana holding a shrunken Kyle Lennart in her hand. Drawn by Megan)

Name: Aliana Nestorina

Appears in RPGs: Asleep; Fantasy World; Another Childhood; Reconciliation

Race: Mermaid

Gender: Female

Age: 15 (in Another Childhood); 20 (in Asleep and Fantasy World); 22 (in Reconciliation)

Physical description: Aliana has purple skin, with intricate patterns all over her forehead, and long, straight black hair. She's fairly short and slim compared to her younger sister, Meriandra, causing many people unfamiliar with them to assume that she is the younger of the two. She has an extensive wardrobe; however, her favourite dresses are her emerald-green ones made out of seaweed. 

Personality: The main thing people will notice about Aliana is her charisma: she's able to win over many people simply by charming them. As a result, she was earmarked for work as a diplomat by the time she left school. 

It wasn't always this way, though. As a child born into a royal household (not to mention the favourite child of her father, Nestor), Aliana was used to getting whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. As a result, she was very spoiled as a child, and therefore was often a great pain for others to be around (not to mention a major drain on Nestor's wallet). However, this aspect of her personality was tempered somewhat in her teenage years, as she began to come into contact with sufferers of genuine hardship, and came to realise how fortunate she was. Once she became a diplomat, and met more and more people who had been dealt a poor hand in life, she stopped behaving selfishly towards those outside her family altogether. She can still come across as spoiled in her dealings with her own family, however: they eventually stopped playing games with her because she's such a bad loser! 

Strengths/Weaknesses: Aliana's diplomatic work has given her strong interpersonal skills, and made her a good negotiator. This is her preferred method of resolving problems, and she dislikes physical combat; however, should discussions break down, she's still able to fend for herself on the battlefield. She has inherited her father's prowess with the trident, and she's able to perform a fairly vicious tail-whip. She's also imbued with a small amount of magical power, enabling her to temporarily shrink objects (or other people!) at will. However, this does consume a large amount of her energy, so she needs to be careful not to be over-reliant on this. 

Aliana's not good at everything, though. While Aliana performed well in most school subjects, she never managed to achieve a solid grasp on mathematics. This led to her biggest failure in her diplomatic career: in her first year, she miscalculated the value of a trade deal with the Yamchuk Principality - and, in doing so, lost her parents a lot of money. Consequently, she no longer negotiates trade deals, except under the supervision of her father. Her other major weakness is her hopeless aim with cannons, bows and arrows, or any other kind of ranged weapon. She dropped out of archery class after a month, after it became clear to everyone that she would never be of any use as an archer. 

History: Aliana is the second of three children to her father, Nestor, and her mother, Cassandra. When she was born, her parents were the Duke and Duchess of New Atlantis. As a result, she enjoyed a very privileged upbringing, as did her older brother Lysander, and her younger sister Meriandra. She most enjoyed the exotic locations that she travelled to several times a year - sometimes due to her father's work commitments, and other times purely as a vacation. On one of these trips, she was given a souvenir in the form of an ornate compass in a golden case, which could be used to locate magic. This was her most prized possession in her childhood years - but, sadly, it fell overboard on the way back from another voyage three years later, leading her to believe she had lost it for good. 

Aliana's best friend in her youth was an elvish girl called Lydia. They knew each other through their mothers: Cassandra had a long friendship with Lydia's mother, Floria, dating back to when they both ran stalls in the marketplace outside Lennart Castle. The two stalls complemented one another nicely: Cassandra sold fruit, whereas Floria sold fruit juices. While Cassandra eventually gave up her stall to become Duchess of New Atlantis, Floria stayed with hers, eventually expanding it into an international business empire called "Floria's Fifty-Flavoured Fruity Fluids". Aliana's favourite juice from her range was the Ugli Fruit juice - which she always got for free due to the strength of Floria's friendship with Cassandra. However, she was only able to drink these when she was away from home, as Floria didn't have a store in New Atlantis. This was due to her atrocious hostility towards Nestor, who had trashed her original market stall in one of his clumsy accidents, then attempted to flirt his way out of this mess, with disastrous consequences. 

While the young Aliana got along well with other girls, she absolutely couldn't stand being around boys. This paranoia began after she had to spend her 7th birthday in hospital with chicken pox, which she had caught from her brother Lysander. This unfortunate incident led her to believe that Lysander (and, indeed, all other boys) gave off toxic "Boy Waves" - and, from then on, she stopped speaking or playing with her older brother. About a month later, Nestor went to Lennart Castle to meet with his childhood friend, King Thomas Lennart, where his twin sons Kyle and Jake were celebrating their 5th birthday. Nestor thought that now would be a good time to introduce them to his beloved daughter, Aliana. Sadly, she became terrified of being exposed to their "Boy Waves", and went to extraordinary lengths to protect herself from them (for example, covering herself entirely in honey). As a result, the meeting was a total disaster: Aliana became distraught, and when Kyle wouldn't stay away from her, she tail-whipped him right in the face. Nestor was able to salvage his friendship with Tom - but this incident did ruin poor Kyle's birthday. Needless to say, the two children wouldn't see each other again for several years afterwards.

As a teenager, Aliana no longer believed in "Boy Waves"; however, she was still little better with boys than her father was with girls. She met plenty of young princes whom she found attractive - but she always insisted on being taken to the most expensive restaurants and theatres, and on being around them for every waking moment. As a result, she was almost never in a stable relationship. The closest she came was when she was 16, with Prince Rommel of Waldstein. They stayed together for nearly a year, and actually planned to get married at one point; however, in the end, she proved too demanding even for him. After this, she gave up on boys in order to concentrate on her diplomatic work (which necessitated a lot of travelling on a weekly basis, and made it extremely difficult for her to hold down a stable relationship anyway). 

When Aliana was 19 years old, her Lysander forced Nestor to step aside as Duke of New Atlantis, due to his unpopularity and lack of interest in the non-military aspects of the role. As part of the deal, Nestor arranged for Aliana to have a small palace of her own, in the border town of Ikylos. Sadly, this town was destroyed by the Kraken a week later. It is now completely deserted; what little of value was left has been pillaged away by barbarians; and it is considered unlikely that construction will ever begin on Aliana's palace. When Lysander refused to rebuild Ikylos (thus leaving Aliana without her part in the inheritance from Nestor's abdication), she was justifiably fuming - and now, she outright refuses to speak to her brother. 

More recently, Aliana's work took her to Lennart Castle, where she met once again with the young prince Kyle, who had just awoken from a five-year slumber. Around the same time, a young guard named Frederick discovered that the king had been involved in a plot to kill Kyle's father, Tom, and was therefore on the throne illegitimately. Once the king found out about this, Kyle and Aliana decided it was no longer safe for them to stay in Lennart Kingdom, and escaped with Frederick to New Atlantis. While the three of them were in hiding there, Kyle and Aliana grew closer, and eventually fell in love - in the case of both of them, for the first time in years. By now, Aliana's demanding nature had mellowed considerably; however, they struggled to get along, ironically because Aliana found Kyle to be too demanding. To make matters worse, New Atlantis eventually became an unsafe home for them as well, due to stealth attacks carried out first by Kyle's mother, and then by his brother Jake (who switched Aliana's body with Nestor's). Once Meriandra had restored her sister and her father to their usual bodies, he arranged for Aliana and Kyle to live in the remote village of Black Shard Cliffs, under the watchful eye of his old friend Alexis. 

This trip started badly. Before their ship was due to leave, Kyle received a nostalgic reminder of his youth, causing him to attempt to run away, and then break down in tears in a crowded street when Aliana prevented him from doing so. This embarrassed Aliana, and caused her relationship with Kyle to reach a breaking point: he was still mentally 13 years old, having undergone no mental development during his time asleep, and so Aliana and Kyle were unable to see eye to eye on anything. During the voyage, Kyle made one last attempt to save the relationship, by casting an ancient spell on himself to force the mental development which he had missed during his five-year slumber. Thanks to this, Kyle began to behave more maturely after meeting Alexis, and Aliana's faith in Kyle was restored. 

Things got better when, to her amazement, she rediscovered the magical compass which she had lost all those years ago. However, all those years under the sea had taken their toll: the face was smashed in, and the casing was full of mud and silt. Shortly after arriving in Black Shard Cliffs, Aliana took this compass to a magical repair shop, to see whether there was any hope of restoring it. While there, she found a small obsidian cube, sitting on a shelf along with dozens of other broken and rusty contraptions. The mechanic who ran the shop had no idea what was inside; however, he could tell that it was immensely powerful, and he had never opened it for fear of what might be inside. He even agreed that, if Aliana took it off his hands, he could repair her compass for free. She agreed to this - but, sadly, when she took it back to Kyle, his charms had worn off: he was back to his old self, and he insisted that she open it right away. Aliana refused - and, when Kyle became physically violent, this was the final straw: she broke up with him there and then, and returned to New Atlantis. 

About a week later, Aliana returned to Black Shard Cliffs - along with Kyle's father Tom, who had been trapped inside the cube for all those years. She reintroduced him to Kyle (who, needless to say, was overjoyed) - and, shortly afterwards, he was able to cast a more permanent version of the charms which Kyle had attempted on the original journey there. However, this had the side-effect of temporarily ageing Aliana by five years herself; to the horror of everyone else, she immediately began recanting a tragic story of how both Tom and Nestor had both lost their lives in a full-scale naval invasion. It soon became apparent that this invasion was due to take place in only one week's time - and so, once Aliana had been restored to her usual age, Tom and Alexis took heed of her warning, and began preparing to resist an attack. 

The following day - a full six days earlier than planned - the royal flagship arrived outside Black Shard Cliffs. This initial attack was skilfully sabotaged by Frederick, who had been sneakily stowed away inside the ship's cargo hold. He then swam to the shore to re-unite with Kyle and Aliana....hotly pursued by several dozen of the ship's crew. Thanks to their prior preparations, Tom and Alexis were able to stave off this attack - but, even so, it was clear that the village of Black Shard Cliffs was no longer safe. Seeing no other choice, they hurriedly assembled all of the villagers and their belongings, in order to evacuate them further inland.

From here, Aliana followed Alexis and the rest of the villagers into the dense forest, on an epic journey into the unknown....

[Need to update for Reconcilation and the end of Asleep :P ]
I've added a picture of Aliana holding a shrunken Kyle in her hand. 

Thanks to @ Megan for drawing this :) !