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Full Version: greetings Earthlings
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I am called zoldos.  I've been in existence for more than 4 decades.  I build computers and web sites.  I like PHP and AJAX.  I'm a tech head and totally in love with my g/f for 16 years this July.  :D
Hey Zoldos, welcome to tch.  ^_^
(01-09-2022, 06:22 AM)queenzelda Wrote: [ -> ]Hey Zoldos, welcome to tch.  ^_^

Hello again, I remember you!  How are you doing?
Welcome! :ohai:
Hi and welcome to the forum.
Welcome! :)
Welcome! I’m Osprey!
Welcome to The Coffee House, zoldos :) ! I hope you enjoy this place.
Thank you so much for all the warm welcomes!!  This place is cool!  :)
Hi and welcome I hope you enjoy your stay here and find this a place you can quickly call home. :)
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