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Full Version: Horned 'Viking' helmets pre-date any Vikings?
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[Image: 0BhR7Xr.jpg]
(Source: National Museum of Denmark / Above article)

Two spectacular bronze helmets decorated with bull-like, curved horns may have inspired the idea that more than 1,500 years later, Vikings wore bulls' horns on their helmets, although there is no evidence they ever did.

Rather, the two helmets were likely emblems of the growing power of leaders in Bronze Age Scandinavia.

These two helmets seem to have In 1942, a worker cutting peat for fuel discovered the helmets — which sport "eyes" and "beaks" — in a bog near the town of Viksø (also spelled Veksø) in eastern Denmark, a few miles northwest of Copenhagen. The helmets' design suggested to some archaeologists that the artifacts originated in the Nordic Bronze Age (roughly from 1750 B.C. to 500 B.C.), but until now no firm date had been determined. The researchers of the new study used radiocarbon methods to date a plug of birch tar on one of the horns.

Well, these helmets were first discovered 80 years ago - so, if they're much older than originally thought, then it's a bit weird that this discovery is being made now :P .

Though, if this other civilization did wear horned helmets, then did they just do so in ceremonies, or did they also do so in battle? (If it's the latter, then that's a bad idea - because the horns make it easy to knock the helmet off :lol: !!!!)