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Full Version: CJ's Pokémon Shop
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Should I find a different one for Blacephalon? I will if you think it's best. I'll take those other ones for now, regardless.
Hey, you need to change my Pigeot to a Mega. :P 

Just your friendly reminder, but no rush.
How are they coming along, CJ? Is the Blacephalon one too difficult?
I've given it a go, and here's how it came out:

[Image: FCRxcoY.png]

Personally, I think it looks like utter crap, but I guess I'll let you be the judge :) .
It looks okay, actually. Is it the same size as the others? Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me.
Yep, it's 30 pixels high, just like the others :) .
I think it's fine. I'll use it.
@"ObsessedwithBirds" , @"Crooked Crow": I've done yours now :) . As always, a hard refresh may be required.

Crow's cost 540CC (that's 180CC for Stakataka and 360CC for Blacephalon) which I've already deducted. Osprey's was free, because that was just me screwing up :P .

@ Nick: I haven't done yours yet, since you haven't officially requested it: just enquired about the price :P .
Thank you so much for fixing it!
Thanks CJ! They look great. I did request 4 others, though, did you just not wish to do them?

Here were the requests:

Yveltal (Stratosphere)
Spiritomb (Purgatory)
Gourgeist (Halloween)
Yamask (Sadness)

The Blacephalon looks really good, actually, dunno why you thought otherwise. On a dark background, at least.
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