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Full Version: Two Kyles
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This is a non-canon "What if?" RPG that begins towards the end of Asleep. In that RPG, Kyle briefly dies, and is brought back to life by the power of the magic mountain.

However, let's suppose that things are different. What if, instead of merely reviving Kyle, the mountain actually duplicated him - so there were two of him running around :lol: ? That sounds bad enough... but, there's no way to tell them apart, and both of them think they're the 'original' (and the other is the 'copy'). How will our favourite characters manage this?

Unfortunately, this will depend heavily on the established Asleep storyline, so this will be a private RPG between myself and Megan. Therefore, there's no sign-up sheet - and instead, I've quoted the last four posts of Asleep, before Kyle gets revived (so, we're starting from this point in Asleep):

Megan Wrote:Kei slowly got to his feet glaring at Frederick. "How dare you!" he growled. "You will not touch me...I shall use that spell now that it isn't bound to that brat." he then smirked. "Who IS dead. I pierced the idiot's heart."

Tom tried to feel for some form of pulse on Kyle, but found none. He slowly looked over. "...I...I'm afraid he's right Frederick...he's...gone..."

Kyng Wrote:Frederick refused to believe the wise old king - and still would not yield. "And what if it isn't real? Remember that cave we passed, with the music and the apple juice? That wasn't real - so who's to say THIS isn't an illusion too?"

Without warning, Frederick kicked the king in the stomach, knocking both him and the guard out of the room.

"QUICK!" Frederick commanded. "Somebody, block the door!"

Megan Wrote:Blinking Alexis ran to the door blocking it.

Tom shook his head. "Frederick...its not an illusion...he's dead..."

Kyng Wrote:Alexis was having immense trouble blocking Kei and his guards from getting back in - especially in his weakened emotional state from the tragedy of losing Kyle. "We haven't got much time. Do something!"

Frederick didn't take on board what Tom had just said: there would be plenty of time for grieving afterwards. "Cast the spell, Tom! Do it, while you still can!"

So... what next :P ?
Tom sighed shaking his head. He knew it was pointless, but he decided to try the spell regardless. Please...bring him back... he begged as he started the spell.
Suddenly, Frederick and Alexis were blinded by an orb of neon-green light, which sank from the centre of the ceiling.

"I'm afraid it won't work..." a soft voice whispered from the ball of light. "That spell may be powerful, but it cannot revive the dead."

However, before Tom had a chance to cease his incantation, the orb floated to Kyle's side.

"But I can. This...boy...this prince...risked all so no one else would my power wouldn't be abused. He made one wish before he passed...that power would leave and go somewhere else...even he knew I shouldn't stay where people can still find me. Maybe he didn't mean it like this...but it felt like he even wanted to protect me...and it touched will revive him with my power by becoming one with him...he'll gain my powers...and may be different after, but he'll be okay..."

Kyle's limp, lifeless body began to glow white-hot, forcing all inside the room to shield their eyes - and even causing Kei and his men to fall backwards into a ravine in shock. Kyle continued to glow for about a minute... but then, as the light subsided, it was clear that something had gone seriously wrong.

Tom's own spell had strengthened the resurrection process, beyond what it was supposed to accomplish. As a result, it hadn't merely revived Kyle: it had duplicated him, so there were now two identical teenage boys, lying unconscious on the floor of the cave.
Tom’s eyes went wide. He of course had no idea what had gone wrong. “W…why is there…two of them?”
Frederick stopped shielding his eyes, turned around, and gasped when he saw the two Kyles lying next to one another, still with injured chests.

"I don't know... I bet it's that stupid mountain, with its stupid magic that I don't understand."

"Don't insult my powers..." the orb threatened, "or there won't even be one of you any more!!!"
"Frederick SHUT UP. It saved Kyle so how about we don't insult it!" Tom yelled. "Look, we're sorry...but...why is there two Kyle's now?"
"I don't know!" Alexis blubbered, as he turned towards the two Kyles. "All I know is... we need to get them treated, and fast!"

"You don't think we could use bits of one Kyle to save the other?" Frederick suggested. "It sounds cruel, but... we're only supposed to have one anyway :hehe: ..."
"Frederick!" Tom snapped. "We don't even know which Kyle is the real Kyle!" he growled as he picked up one of the Kyle's. "Take the other...we're saving BOTH of them."
"Okay..." Frederick argued, as he took the arms of one Kyle. "We might end up saving neither of them!"

"Well, we'd best get a move on right away," Alexis argued, as he picked up that Kyle's legs. "Should we take them to separate infirmaries? Then, for now at least, they won't be aware of each other's existence..."
Tom thought a moment before nodding. "Probably wise...till we figure out what's going on exactly." he said holding one of the Kyle's in his arms.
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